Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 5/25/2013

Hiya Stranger!  It's so nice to spend some time with you again this lovely Saturday.  Ten more shades for you today and I think some of them are rather worth taking a glance at. :)

Color Club Mamba is so stunning.  You can't overestimate a great, bright, in-your-face red.  This polish is so sultry and just perfection in it's high shine, two coat cream glory.  I love it and give it an A.

Revlon Demure is repping for the "orange" category today.  Not really orange, but this pinky/tan does almost lean toward a coral/orange feel.  I love it.  I thought it was going to look as boring on as it did in the bargain bin- but I was happily proved wrong!  It's a smooth and understated polish.  A.

Sinful Colors 24/7 is your almost neon-it's-so-bright, hot pink.  It's fantastic and opaque in two easy coats.  Sometimes you can't get that from your neons so I was impressed here.  It's also a stand-out polish for nail art and I featured it in my Summer Chic look a few weeks ago.  I think this is in their foundation collection- so you should be able to find it no matter what time of year you're looking for it.  A.

Kleancolor Salsa was ooh, not so nice.  I'm using up my "yellow" slot for this polish because I don't have a yellow shade to show you today, but it's not really in that family- it's a very light coral metallic/frost.  As you can see in the bottle shot- this polish was sent to me in a super cray condition- like it really wasn't mixed properly...I didn't get such a messy appearance on the nail, but still it wasn't so hot as I was hoping it would be.  Like I've mentioned in other posts- Kleancolor is a hit and miss brand.  Miss.  C.

L'oreal New Money was released this Spring 2013.  Wow, talk about vibrant!  Creamy, electric, and refreshing.  This is two coats, and it was almost a one-coater.  Gonna try stamping with this one soon.  A.

NYC Raindrop is so delightful.  I am a sucker for blue polishes anyway, but this one is just oh so sweet!  It's the perfect baby blue and look how smooth and creamy it is in two coats.  Love.  A.

OPI...Eurso Euro from their 2013 Euro Centrale collection.  Look at the deep mystery in this shade.  It is gorgeous, and not too dark to be still obviously purple.  Another bonus- you might think this one would stain, but I was happily surprised that it did not.  Gj OPI :)  Two coats of this crelly jewel deserves an A.

Wet n Wild Fastdry Silvivor is crazy pigmented!  This polish really packs a punch and stands out as a really fabulous silver metallic.  It is a little messy to remove, but you learn to expect that with these kinds of finishes, just like with a glitter polish.  A.

Sinful Colors Bombshell over NYC Apple Fizz has a barely-green shimmer base and is filled with multi-colored glitter of all the same size.  This really is a fun look, but considering that its sister polish In the Spotlight, released at the same time, is essentially the exact same polish, but with a slightly bluer base shimmer.  I preferred the look of In the Spotlight more, and so for that reason, this little bottle doesn't impress me all that much.  Not sure why they released both...oh well.  So thus this one receives a B- for its unoriginality.

Revlon Spice it Up has been calling for me to feature it for weeks now.  It is just plain decadent.  This red/bronze shimmer/suede two-coater is so sexy and I imagine Homer's Circe would be rockin' this polish :)  A+

The brands of polish can be found at the following locations:
Wet n Wild- Target, Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
Sally Hansen- Target, Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
OPI- Ulta, local beauty supply stores
Color Club-,, Ross
Sinful Colors- Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens

Revlon- Target, Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
NYC- Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens
L'oreal- Target, Kmart, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens

Did you find any must-haves?  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Song of the Day:
(song doesn't start until about 00:45) This song is beautifully and silkily creepy.  It grew on me so much as I let the tones and rhythms wash over me.  Sooo relaxing and sexy at the same time :)

Over and out.

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