Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 5/4/2013

As Barbra would say, "Hello, Gorgeous!"  I have ten more little lovelies for you and I must say this weekend's collection has some great potential for gotta-have-it-ness!  You'll see :)

 Nicole by OPI Basking in Gloria is this gorgeous high shine raspberry red from the Modern Family collection.  This swatch is two coats and it really is striking on the nail.  I'm not really one to go ga-ga over red polish, but this one is definitely a keeper! A.

Julep Niecy is a medium pink cream; I wanna say it makes me think of bubblegum and passion fruit all in one.  Easy, smooth application in two coats.  Very lovely although not the most original color.  Still, quite easy to love.  A-

Avon Swift Sherbet from the Speed Dry collection.  Wow talk about speedy dry time- this polish is crazy.  I guess I should have done one thick coat, cuz I was going to for 2 thin coats and I couldn't hardly get the second one on the nail- it was a tacky mess.  Just a mega speed-dry formula, I definitely made a not of that for further usage.  I have used this color for some nail art and it really is a nice addition to the collection...just not quite as versatile as some polishes, but I really love this soft color. B.

L'oreal The Perfect Trench is a color you either love or hate I think.  Well I loved it and used it a lot in nail art so far. It's like a dusty mustard/tan cream.  I didn't really have anything like it in my collection.  This is two coats, great formula, and I think I found it in a bargain bin somewhere- so bonus!  A.

This is Sinful Colors Irish Green from their March 2013 release.  If it looks familiar, it's the shade I used for the cartoon nails nail art a little bit back.  This is a crazy bright neon green jelly.  You see it pictured here in two coats over one coat of white.  It's just plain fabulous!  What else can I say??  A.

Barielle Falling Star is so interesting.  It's a dusty darker cornflower blue with bits of copper glitter throughout!  I love this combination.  Well done Barielle.  This is two coats- and it doesn't have the smoothest finish so pile on the top coat if you want a more refined look.  A.

Sinful Colors Candy Coated is such a pretty, creamy pastel purple.  I love this one.  I love all the pastels in this collection actually and for the price, it's a great addition to any collection.  Two coats, and easy application.  A.

Color Club On the Rocks is another fabulous foil metallic.  This is a one coat wonder and so, so pigmented.  When you remove it, you are left with a nice silver sheen all over your nails lol.  So lots of clean up, but that doesn't change the fact that it's gorgeous! A.

Jordana Silver Jewel over Sation Plenty of Frogs is a clear based silver hex glitter.  It's just your basic monochromatic glitter and it's nothing all that special, but still quite useful when you gotta have some no hassle glitter in your mani.  B+.

Nicole by OPI Listen to Your Momager from the Kardashian collection is my stellar color for this week.  This is two coats and jaw-droppingly beautiful!  I love pretty much every blue polish that comes my way, but this one is extra special :)  Look at that subtle shimmer in the deep blue, like a midnight sky.  A+

Hope you enjoyed this random compilation of swatches today and that you found something lovely within it like I did.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Hi Phoebe,
    Would you do a blog spot again on nail preparation.(Before we put the polish on). thanks
    Sister Biggs

  2. Sure Patti- I'll put something together for a post some time this week.