Thursday, May 23, 2013

Movie and a Mani: Parental Guidance

What's Up? It's Thursday- It's Movie Time.  Today I'm going to be reviewing the film Parental Guidance.  I remember when this came out in the theater quite a while ago I said to my bestie, eh- I don't know about that one.... but- guess what?? I loved it!  Yay!  Here's a little snap from the film.

So- lots of great casting here, headed up by Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marissa Tomei, and Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do cutie).  For me, sometimes Billy Crystal in a movie means I don't really wanna see it- and that was the case when I first saw this movie out.  Even with Bette and Marissa in it, whom I both love, sometimes I don't always appreciate Billy Crystal's humor.  Such was the case for about the first 30 minutes of this movie, and I felt like I really wasn't going to give this movie such a great review.  However things definitely picked up, aided by the three kiddos in the movie- Bailee Madison(perfection in Just Go With It), Joshua Rush, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf.

This movie is about re-connection and family in a nutshell.  Basically there's and cute little family of five, making their way day-by-day as we all do, and suddenly Dad and Mom need to go away on a trip for Dad's work- so they call in Grandma and Grandpa to help them out.  Mom hasn't been away since her youngest was born pretty much (who's now 5) and has to decide which is more important: supporting her husband and his dreams completely, and making absolutely sure her kids are "ok" by not leaving them with Grandma and Grandpa whom she feels are basically screw-ups.  So the whole movie revolves around what's going to happen when Mom lets go of control and Grandma and Grandpa try to become reconnected with their kids and grand kids whom they've grown apart from due to distance and personal issues.

This look was inspired by a couple of my favorite scenes from the film where things really start to go haywire and the whole family is forced to adjust to make room for each other in their lives- which is sometimes hard to do- but as this movie proves- is ultimately rewarding.

This splatter technique utilizes five bright colors and some straws- which you use to blow short puffs of air and paint onto each nail.  Clean-up for this nail art is crazysauce which is why my cuticle areas are lookin cray cuz I had to use to much acetone to get all of the extra paint off :)  But I'm still glad I tried it...all the clean-up kinda went right along with the theme of the movie.  The colors I used in this design are China Glaze White on White as the base and Sinful Colors Sail La Vie, Anchors Away, Cross My Heart, and Avon Divine Lime for the splatter.

Additional Review
"The movie started out fairly slow during the background portion, which took approximately 20 minutes or so.  However, once past that initial background buildup it actually became a quite enjoyable film.  It made me laugh and I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between Bette Midler and Billy Crystal.  Billy Crystal's character seemed like the fairly typical new parent/grandparent, lost at every turn.  In the end, this heart-warming tale of a family coming together was a very enjoyable film.  3.8 out of 5 stars." -The Tdawg

While this film isn't getting stellar reviews, I think that's because the beginning of this film is kinda sleepy and off-putting because of it.  Once the kids really get riled up and interactions between all the characters start taking on deeper meanings, this movie can really be seen for it's truth, which is a tale about love, forgiveness, acceptance, and family.  I thought it was heart-warming and definitely worth it.  It's great for the whole family- no worries there.  I recommend this film, just make sure to get past the first half hour :)

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