Thursday, May 16, 2013

Movie and a Mani: The Giant Mechanical Man

Well Hello there!  If you're in need of a movie review to find something new to watch his weekend, you're in luck!  Again I've found you a little gem on Netflix streaming that you can go watch asap, no video rental necessary.  The movie of the day is The Giant Mechanical Man.  Here's a photo capture from the film.

Our lovely heroine, Janice, is played by Pam Beazley Jenna Fischer and the leading man, Tim, is played by the somewhat unknown to me Chris Messina.  I know he's on The Mindy Project, but I've never watched the show so I had no prior opinion of him.  I do however know I love Jenna Fischer's from The Office and her casting is what hooked me.  The supporting cast is rounded out with the likes of Malin Akerman from the hilarious Couples Retreat, Topher Grace from That 70's Show of course :), Lucy Punch who I thought was hilarious in Dinner with Shmucks, and Rich Sommer who has a small part in The Devil Wears Prada.  Overall, I thought pretty promising, and I was not disappointed!  Yay!

So I never like to put spoilers in my overview sections because I'm fully expecting you all to go watch these films I give a good review to, right? :)  You do....right?? =p  Let me just start by saying that I loved this film.  Have you ever felt out of place, the odd man out, like you're floating through life, like you're not meeting others' expectations, just a little off?  Well this film is about two people who can't seem to fit in anywhere, but when they miraculously find each other in this expansive universe, they finally start to feel like someone understands them.  You know that feeling right?  When you're with that person who just GETS you?  If you don't, it's out there- don't give up on it.  Janice and Tim have all but given up on being able to fit into the world's expectations of them.  They're not quite sure who they are, but they are sure it's not who their family/society is trying to make them be.  Tim is a street performer playing a ....giant mechanical man...and Janice is just a mid-thirties gal who doesn't have it figured out yet.  I mean, who of us has it figured out?? But what this film does is to emphasize, through the supporting actors, just how much of a square peg we can all feel at times.  I have to admit I saw this film on my Netflix streaming list of suggested films for me and kept passing on it cuz of the giant mechanical man part...well that's the whole title right? and it was kinda off-putting for me.  Hello, couldn't be more wrong- I totally felt this film and loved it.  It's not gonna be action-packed (all you action junkies out there) but it is heartfelt and a feel-good film.  I'm so glad I gave this film a chance, and I hope you do too.

I totally knew I wanted to do a fishtail braid mani for this film.  It turned out like this:

I'm not sure if I've done a tutorial on how you accomplish this look, but if you're interested in learning how to do it just let me know.  The colors I used are Sinful Colors Gone Platinum, Avon Forest Green, and Color Club On the Rocks.  So it's probably not too convoluted what the intention behind this mani is, but I'll tell ya anyway cuz I wants too :)  I used all metallic-y colors to demonstrate how both characters were figurative robots in their lives.  The purple is Janice, the green is Tim, and of course the silver is the giant mechanical man that connects everything together and really makes the poignant moments ring through to your heart.

Nail Art in the Movie and Additional Review
I don't have either of these features today...there was no nail art- but plenty of makeup :)  I may exclude the nail art in the movie section of these reviews cuz there never is any! tsk tsk such a shame...

 And I was flyin' solo for this film viewing this week so you don't get my hubby's opinion today, sorry.  I know you wanna know the man's perspective so you can plan if this is a good option for date night, but here's the trailer:

Don't pass this one up, it's sweet and endearing and funny :)  You're gonna feel better after watching it and that's always good right?  Casting is fab.  Chris Messina is a new favorite for me, and it made me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

Song of the Day
listen through to at least 1:20

Over and out.

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