Thursday, May 9, 2013

Movie and a Mani: Guilt Trip

So this film found itself right into my lap just in time for Mother's Day.  If you could sum up the movie Guilt Trip in just one word- it would be LOVE.  It's not a romance, however, but a tale of the love shared between mother and son.

Of course this movie is going to be a must-see for me because it has Miss Barbra herself in it!  Seth Rogen is a great new comic making a name for himself so I had high hopes for this pairing.  Look at that picture at the middle/bottom of the above Australian press poster for the film.  Perfection!  So basically these two were indeed a wonderful team.  I've seen some Rogen characters that are much more crude than the character Andy that he plays in Guilt Trip.  He harnessed himself in for sure.  Probably a smart move on the production team's part knowing that this film would pull a varied audience due to it's other main lead, Babs.  She, it must be said, was fabulous as always :)  I was so happy with the casting in this film, and the leads were supported by great additional cast including Kathy Najimy, Colin Hanks, Brett Cullen, Adam Scott, and Nora Dunn.

To quickly sum up this film, it's the story of the relationship between a Mother (Joyce) and Son (Andy).  Andy, a scientist in his early 30's I'm assuming, is attempting to market a new product that he created.  He's going to drive cross-country to pitch the product to different large distributors such as Kmart, Costco, and the like.  He ends up making the drive with his Mother (I won't divulge why) and what ensues starts as his nightmare but changes to something different by the end of their journey.

I used my co-viewer as a sounding board to get this manicure to come to life.  After discussing what we thought of the movie, we knew it had to incorporate the elements of love and road trippiness of course :)  Here's what we came up with.

Can you find these two elements?  I started by painting a base of Zoya Noot as the asphalt and then added lines using a white striper and a yellow polish by Sally Hansen Insta Dry named Lightening to complete the look of the road.  Once that was dry I painted outlines of hearts becoming less and less "broken" or more mended as the manicure progresses towards the pinky finger.  The polish I used for that is Misa Throw Me Something Purple Please.  I bet you can guess what this is meant to symbolize, but I don't want to completely spoil the plot of the film...

Nail Art in the Movie
Hmm, this is starting to become a pattern- that there is once again no nail art in this film, neither was there much fashion.  The ever-glamorous Barbra hands/nails are present of course which I can't help but admire- so there's that at least ;)

Second Opinion of the Film
"It was a fairly entertaining movie.  I enjoyed the by-play between the two main actors.  Was thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable from beginning to end.  It was one of those films that makes you really think about your relationship with your own mother.  I would give it a four and a half out of five stars." -TDawg

Basically if both I and the hubby loved this film, it's a pretty good bet for you.  It has a PG-13 rating because they did throw in a bit of adult language and subject matter, but for the most part it's an endearing tale of a mother and son learning more about themselves and each other and in the process growing as individuals and as a family.  I recommend this feel-good film :)

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