Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 5/18/2013

What up?  Happy to be bringing you ten more randomly-selected swatches for your viewing/drooling (oh wait, that's me around polish) pleasure.  Some are hot, some are not.  I let you know what I think about them, but more importantly what do you think?  Are any of these gonna be must haves for you?  

Nicole by OPI Scarlett from the Selena Gomez collection is a shimmer red, but it leans pink.  This is rather divine and the formula is great.  Two coats, nice and easy.  A.

Revlon Tangerine is such a funky color.  It really looks like a cross between egg yolk and marmalade, but I like that about it =p  Look at that delicious shimmer too.  This polish just oozes summer citrus.  Two easy coats.  A.

Sinful Colors Starfish is a muted medium pink cream, and it's fabulous.  Two easy coats, creamy goodness, and this fun color that looks like a depressed strawberry starburst candy.  :)  Doesn't make me depressed looking at it though; I think it's lovely.  A.

L'oreal Park Ave Luncheon is my "yellow" offering today.  I don't have that many yellow/gold polishes so I'm letting this shade be included in that category.  L'oreal has a color I featured called The Perfect Trench, but I don't know- I think my perfect trench coat would be this color.  I think this super neutral, light tan is beautiful!  Two creamy, easy coats.  A.

Sinful Colors Pistache is one of my favorite greens released in any of the Spring collections this year.  AND you can pick it up for just a couple bucks, woot!  Pictured here with two coats, it's a delicious creamy pistachio, trying to be electric, green.  Love love love!  A.

Misa Krystal Waters was the first Misa polish I ever tried, and I just died for it's captivating hue and dimension, but for some reason it took me forever to swatch it.  As you can see, it's not super opaque- you can see a bit of vnl here still after 2-3 coats, so that's too bad, but these glass fleck polishes are sometimes like that.  I still love the color but I give it a B.

Fingerpaints Easel-y Entertained was a fail for me.  Clearly it needs to be layered.  This is three thin coats and it's way patchy.  The base is such a nice rich violet I was hoping it would be more buildable, but it started getting too goopy.  Booo.  I did get it in a bargain bin at Sally's so at least it wasn't such a great loss- and I do like the color, but the formula was a let down.  Still- I ooh and ahh at that gorgeous twinkle :)  B-

Revlon Black with Envy was another bargain bin polish, but this one I loved!  Pictured with two coats, it's a delicious super shine gray/black mash-up.  Glad I found this one.  A.

Wet n Wild Fergie Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night is a murky based glitter polish that has small black hexes and larger gold hexes.  You can see clearly at the cuticle of the ring finger the difference between the base color and where the murky base of this polish starts.  It does deepen whatever shade you layer it over.  It is pictured here layered over Color Club Endless Summer.  Have to say, not terribly impressed here.  I finally gave the Fergie polish line a try after passing on it so many times.  My curiosity must always be abated...but I should have left it alone.  This polish just had no pizzazz and left me wanting.  I say you can take a pass on this brand.  C-.

Orly High on Hope from their Hope and Freedom Spring 2013 collection.  This one was the stand out for me from the whole collection.  I actually picked up three others first before I saw this one swatched on another blog and knew I had to go back and rectify my exclusion of this little fancy lady.  This picture shows of the dimension of the polish so well, in all it's pink/orange shimmer glory, but in the store this polish looks a little dull next to it's brothers and sisters.  Don't be fooled- it's the belle of the ball :)  Love it!  A+

Glad you came along today to bask in the blessing of a colorful world!

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  1. Revlon Tangerine is so beautiful! I think it would be an excellent color for summer!