Friday, March 7, 2014

Sun, Live, Joy

For all my readers out there still trapped in the snow and icy cold, let's bring a little sun your way.  I designed this manicure to help beat out those Winter blues and to take you somewhere far away where you can imagine yourself not being freezing cold:

The characters, in order from left to right say sun, live, joy.  For the sun on the ring finger I just mixed my paints until I gradiated from pale yellow to orange/red and the characters were painted with acrylics as well. As for the base polish, I used the lovely and creamy Zoya Rocky which is like this dusty robin egg blue. Here it is at two easy coats on its own:

I hop you enjoyed this look!  That's it from me today, but if you stop by tomorrow you'll catch my random swatchfest.  Have a fabulous day!

Song of the Day: Primal Scream- 2013
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