Thursday, March 20, 2014

Complete Line Review: Rimmel London Salon Pro 10 Day Nail Color by Kate

Happy Thursday everyone.  First off, I'm excited to report that by the luck of the draw I was featured in an interview on one of my all-time favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap and you can find that post here:
The amazing author of Nouveau Cheap keeps her readers in-the-know with what's going on in the beauty community.  I check her site multiple times throughout my day so I don't miss anything, because she posts so often, "bringing you the scoop on affordable cosmetics," and well I'm addicted to it ;)  If you are into beauty products, you should definitely be aware of her blog: check it out!

As for this blog- today it's about the new line of Rimmel London nail polishes.  You can still spot the previous line at places like Rite Aid, but these new 12ml bottles are starting to pop up (I found mine at CVS).  Originally I just picked up two so I could see what the formula was like and I was pleased.  I always really enjoyed the formula of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro, and what this new offering has going for it as well is a wider range of colors for the less conservative polish lover.  It has its basics of nudes, pinks, and creams, but it also has a purple, a few blues and greens.  I picked up all 14 polishes (leaving out the top and base coats in the display) when Rimmel was on BOGO, so lets look at some swatches:

Punk Rock is a cool, dark gray that almost looks purple to me in some lights.  This one's great for going dark on your nails but not too severe.  This is two coats, as will the rest of the swatches be.

New Romantic is a lovely pale, ballet slipper pink that isn't quite opaque at two coats, but I don't think it's meant to be.  The bit of sheer quality makes it more dainty.

Soul Session is a really great basic nude.  It applied evenly in two coats, and I feel like this one's going to be a go-to for me because it's simple and clean.

One of the pops of color from the collection, this is Purple Rain.  It's a gorgeous and bright, cool purple that was a cinch to apply.  If you love purple polish, you need this little baby :)

I thought it was fun they put an orange polish in there- this is Reggae Splash.  Again, very easy to apply- no nonsense.  I'm not partial to orange polishes, but this one's still a winner.

Unfortunately this gorgeous blue called Brit Pop was a mess of a stainer.  It applied nicely just as the others did, but when I went to remove it- after only a few minutes btw- it did horrible things to my nails.  I can't recommend this one- and you always do run that risk with some blues, but I'd suggest finding a dupe for this lovely shade.

This deeper, royal blue was not a stainer, however.  It's name is Barmy Blue and definitely one of my favorites.  This one has a crelly formula and again, it's just two coats for opacity and it really looks great on.

This little number is the milk chocolate shade Beige Babe.  Again, two coats to opacity- this isn't my go-to shade for a neutral look, but maybe its yours?

This very sweet cream is called Chic Chick and it's very sheer, but it looks nicely that way.  What do you think?  This is two coats so maybe you would layer a third to make it opaque.

 This lovely, bright red/coral is called Hip Hop and it's really fun for Spring and Summer.  You're looking at two coats, and this one's a great formula like the rest.

Similar to the polish above, this one is less warm and has some very subtle shimmer that you may see here in this swatch.  This is two coats, and the shimmer takes this from a very basic red to something special if you're in the mood for red.

This blood red crelly polish is called Red Award and this photo really isn't doing it justice.  The more I had this on, the more I loved it.  This is a great option if you're in the mood to wear something dark.  This is two coats.

Their bright pink of the collection is called Simply Sizzling and it really is bright!  This is two easy, creamy coats and the wear was really nice.  If you're in the mood for a statement in pink, this might be just the trick.

 Wrapping things up with this dusty army green, this is called Yes, Sir! and it has a smooth and easy application.  I particularly like whipping out these kinds of greens for an everyday wear.  I think they're still conservative enough to wear anywhere, but that's my opinion :)

All-in-all I was really impressed with this line.  I didn't test out the 10 day wear claim in their name, so I can't report back on that unfortunately, but I can tell you that for their price tag they are a great one to try out.

Let me know if you pick any of these up.  I hope you have as good an experience with them as I did.  Have a great day and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Thompson Twins- Hold Me Now

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this brand! I have like almost everyone of them lol!

  2. i like the purple one :)
    i'm following you right now
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    kisses from Spain

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  4. I agree with you both. What top coat do you use? I still do my gels as I use to be a nail tech but lost my groove. Lol