Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 3/8/2014

Ready for some swatches?  Here are 10 polishes that are getting their first chance to shine on my blog.  Let's see what we think of them:
Sinful Colors Mercury Rising is a deep red shimmer that looks so rich and is such a great way to wear red when you don't want to go the bright, classic route.  If you want something dark, mysterious, and very inexpensive, Mercury Rising might be just your poison.  This is two coats.  A

Orly Pixy Stix is a delicious pinky coral that really gets it just right.  Sally Hansen has a shade that is just about a dupe of this in its Xtreme Wear line, but the formula is horrible.  This one isn't bad and applied nicely in two coats.  I think I found this in a Marshalls and I was happy that the color looked exactly how it looks in the bottle!  A

When I picked up China Glaze Orange Knockout at a BOGO sale, I actually thought I was picking up Japanese Koi and when I got home I was a little disappointed with my mistake, but this is actually a really standout orange neon.  This is not swatched over white, but it is three coats.  For a neon, it has a great formula and I was happy when it was opaque at three coats with no issues.  AND it dries matte, so if you like that look you'll enjoy this.  Definitely not an everyday-wear type of polish, but if you're looking for the perfect orange neon, this might just be it!  A

Fingerpaints Golden Kisses is an unadvertised texture polish that I happened upon in a Sallys clearance bin for a couple bucks.  I think they do a really great job with their textured formula.  This one is a mix of light gold and a more brassy gold shimmer and on the nail it's a great mixture of a conservative neutral with an elegant flash.  This is two coats.  A

Color Club Metamorphosis is from the Take Wing Summer 2012 collection.  All the polishes in this release had this lovely glass fleck formula and this one was such a standout color.  You're looking at two coats and I can just barely see some vnl, so you could go with three coats.  I do have to warn you that all of these glass fleck polishes are a beast to clean up because they have sooo much sparkle, but they're worth it :)  A

Zoya Sunshine is just love in a bottle.  I think Zoya does the textured trend so well, and a textured denim blue with silver you even have to ask?  This is just one coat and look how opaque and lovely it is!  You can find this little lady 50% off at Ulta right now, and it comes from the Fall Pixie Dust release.  A

Milani Rad Purple is definitely an odd polish.  Look at how different that swatch is from how the bottle appears.  I was definitely hoping it would apply like the bottle because that definitely would be "rad." However, I ended with this kind of red/purple that is just rather strange.  I did not apply it over white first and maybe that would have helped, but I ended up being kind of baffled by this polish. This is three coats of a jelly finish.  C

Nicole by OPI Goodbye Shoes is the one polish from the Carrie Underwood collection that looked somewhat interesting.  I love grays, and this is a very cool gray green that applied easily in two coats.  Most of the other polishes in this collection are very conservative, and this was the standout for me.  I'm glad I grabbed this great cream(and the best part is I snagged it for .07 cents because I had extra bucks rewards and two coupons!)  A

Orly Starburst is from the recently released Galaxy FX collection for Spring 2014.  It consists of 6 polishes and this was one of the more interesting ones to me.  I love the milky white base holding the copper, red, and gold glitters of different sizes.  I picked up a few more from the collection so I'm sure you'll see them featured here soon. This is two coats, and it was not difficult to have a nail packed with glitter without any effort at all. A

I had high hopes for this blackened purple, Color Club Alias, but I had no clue it was going to be this gorgeous!  The swatch is not even giving it the justice it deserves.  On the nail it is knockout gorgeous!  This is two coats and it was easy to apply.  This polish is like one of those shimmer toppers that turns any polish into a magical wonderland, but it saves you a step because the topper is included right into the bottle.  It is perfection!  Alias is in the Summer 2013 Kaleidoscope collection and you can look for Color Club on sites liek  I give this little baby my A+ score for the week.

And that's it!  Which was your favorite of the bunch and what were you loving on your nails this week?  Hope you're enjoying your weekend and I'll see you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: The Veronicas- 4ever
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