Monday, March 31, 2014

Inverted Damask

Hey Hunnies!  So I wanted to create a freehand damask design on my nails today...but of course I couldn't just leave it at that- so I decided to invert the tips of my nails.  Hopefully it's coming across.  Basically, the part of the damask that was painted in white on one half of the nail was switched to the divine OPI Thanks a Windmillion on the other half.  You might have to look closely on this one ;)

This angle might be the best view to see what my intention was...Instead of one seamless pattern I think it ended up looking like two different designs lol.  As long as I had fun, right?

Here is OPI Thanks a Windmillion from the Holland Spring 2012 collection.  I adore this polish- slightly sea green, but very dusty gray too, and impeccable formula.  So lovely :)  You're looking at two coats:

Did you get your nail art fix?  If you're like me....never!!  I hope you're having a great day and if you are not- keep your chin up and I'll be back here for you again tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Pentatonix- Daft Punk

Over and out

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