Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 3/1/2014

Happy March Everybody!  Can you believe we're into the third month of 2014 already?? It's Saturday, so let's get random and crazy! :)  Time for the swatches:
Zoya Pepper is a delicious oxblood red and was smooth and creamy in two coats.  This polished was released in the Fall 2013 Cashmere collection.  I didn't pick any of them up at the time, even though they all looked so warm and cozy, so I was happy to find this one on clearance at Ulta.  I mean, you can't go wrong with Zoya, and I know the shade isn't exactly season appropriate as we're heading into Spring, but since when am I appropriate??  A

Sinful Colors Bikini Lines is a beautiful sassy bright medium pink.  This is two coats and it gave me no issues during application.  As you can see, it is very bright, and if you like pinks, this one might just do it for ya. Right price, right formula, just right.  A

I found Orly Revere at my local Marshalls for a couple bucks, and just look at that luminosity!  I'm not that crazy for orange polishes, but this one was like sitting on a warm beach while the sun bakes your skin :) Wouldn't we all love some of that right now...  This is two coats, and was a cinch to apply.  Love it.  A

Milani Golden Romance is really interesting.  As you can see it's a metallic foil/shimmer packed with glitter as well.  Milani has recently added some new polishes to their permanent display and this is one of them.  The glitters in there are gold and like a pale orchid.  Really going for that rose gold look with this one.  This is two coats and was well-packed with glitter so no fishing required.  I think this one's really special.  A

Essie The More the Merrier is kind of a funky lime green- a little too much yellow perhaps is what's taking it to that funky place.  It comes from the Summer 2013 collection and I can appreciate it for its Shrek-like weirdness, but probably won't be a favorite green of mine this year.  That's ok though, she'll still find a happy home at my house ;)  This is a two-coat formula and was actually on the nicer formula side as far as Essies are concerned.  A-

China Glaze So Blue Without You is such a glorious turquoise blue foil and it was released in the Holiday 2013 collection.  I wish I could remember if this one was the horrible stainer or if it was the blue foil from the Holiday Joy release...grrrr I should have written it down.  It was one of those two, and it was such a disappointment.  Just keep that in mind when applying this little baby and maybe double-up your basecoat. This is two coats, and it is so purty.  A-(but if it is the stainer I give it a C).

Nicole by OPI Love Song from the Selena Gomez collection is this gorgeous lilac cream.  It applied easily in two coats and of course I love the shade.  She had a lot of great basics in this collection along with lots of glitters which I haven't tried.  They're being clearanced out most places that were carrying them, so go pick some up if you're interested.  A

Color Club Shabby Drab is from the Fall 2011 Back to Boho collection. carries their collections from a ways back, so if you're interested in these older collections, that's a good place to look. AND they have four newer collections from Color Club up there right now so you might wanna take a look if you like this brand like I do.  I might have to make an order in the near future =o  This is two coats of the slightly purple gray cream.  So, so nice.  A

Fingerpaints Colorful Collage over Orly Revere, as you can see, is a chunky holo glitter in a clear base.  It has larger hexes and smaller hexes both.  This is my first bottle of basic chunky holo glitter and I really like it. I'm not the biggest glitter polish fan out there because I usually don't care for how messy it is and I'd usually opt for nail art instead.  But really, every polish has a place in my hoard ;)  This is two coats.  A

Ok, so I'm gonna get controversial here...My A+ polish of the week is China Glaze There's Snow One Like You.  I picked this one up the other day as it sat in the Sally clearance and I saw it sitting there so sad because no one wants it after all the bad reviews it got after it's release in the 2013 Holiday collection. People didn't approve of how chunky it was...but peeps- that's what it's supposed to be like- it's snow.  If you haven't guessed yet, I love it and wish that I'd had it for the Winter season :)  I love it for its originality and refusal to conform!  Actually, I did not find it difficult to apply and the color is lovely and fresh and when I was wearing it, I thought my nails felt so fun!  I really think think polish needs more love than it was handed out, that's all I'm sayin :)  This is two coats.

There you have it- 10 random shades from my swatched folder.  Which was your favorite of the 10?  What was your favorite polish to wear around this week?  Sending my love to you all!  See you back tomorrow and have a great day!

Song of the Day: Two Door Cinema Club- Eat That Up It's Good For You
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