Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feels Like Walking on Broken Glass

Hi loves, I don't have a tutorial today- so sorry, but my kiddos are out of school for two weeks right now which means I didn't have any quiet time to film, but I do have this fun look that just takes a light blue holographic, some black acrylic paint and a detail brush.  Take a look:

I thought this pale holographic would be perfect for this design, and after the randomly-angled linework- it ended up looking to me like stained glass, or broken glass.  This was fun and took just a few minutes and I think ended up striking on the nail.  Sometimes I'm not sure how to wear my holographic polishes but I think I've found a new solution.  I do have to tell you about my experience with this polish however.  I picked up this little baby at my Marshalls and I guess whatever formula they use to make the holographic finish dries up like crazy town.  I've never had to use to much thinner to revitalize a bottle of polish- and still I don't think I got it quite right.  I only did one coat for these swatches, because I just wasn't going to get away with another.  Quite unfortunate but I'm glad I had the thinner on hand.  I'll have to check the other bottles from this line.  It's name is Sci-Fly By and it's from the Spring 2013 Hologlam collection.  You're looking at one coat here without flash:

 It does have a nice effect, but just look at it with flash:

Anyway, a good thing I think, to know about this line of holos.  I hope you had a great day and thanks for stopping by.  I'll see you back tomorrow.

Song of the Day: Alunageorge- Your Guns, Your Love

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