Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Duper Weekend

Hey family and friends!

We had such a fun time together this weekend.  Here are a few of the places we could be spotted:

20-25 times on this thing :)

The "cheese" face makes an appearance yet again.

Picked this bum up somewhere at the mall.

Then the bum got a little sassy.

We decided to give the bum a haircut, and I think he liked it.

Little lovie havin some juice

Tonight for dinner I tried a few of the recipes I have pinned on pinterest.  This is a crockpot chicken cordon bleu that you can find here:

Another recipe we tried is and they were so yummmmm.  Little bug didn't care for how the chicken looked so he made his meal outta the zucchini.

Here's how the chicken looked after all and I can understand Bug's apprehension but it was super yummy.  Give it a try- you'll love it.

My sweet boys sitting patiently waiting for prayer.

And finally- today's NOTD is inspired by a tribal pattern.  I did these at night and wanted to wait for the nice lighting of mid morning, but then I started to get wear on the tips cuz I didn't use a top coat.  Let this be a lesson to all- always top coat it! ;)

Hope you all had such a nice time with your families as we did!  Love to you all.

Over and Out

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