Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Night Fun, and Day 18 Half Moons

Hey lovies! 

We had such a fun time Monday night for our spontaneous family night activity.  We were out picking up some quick dinner and we thought it would be fun to head to Kmart and each take 5 dollars to buy someone else an article of clothing/attire for them to wear to work/school the next day.  Here is what we came home with:
Bear found this kickin' shirt for Tim

Bug picked out these major earrings for moi!

I loved this shirt for Mr. Bug- and again- the "cheeze" face.  By the way- a little explanation of this shirt if you don't have children that love spongebob- there is an episode where he rips his pants and gets attention for it and then spends the rest of the episode ripping his pants for attention til he drives everyone crazy with his antics...pretty much like every episode. But haven't your kids caught on to some moniker, saying, or other behavior that they just drive into the ground until it's hard to drag out a laugh for it? Well that's what this is about.  In truth, Bug doesn't share Spongebob's antics from this episode -the boys probably should have swapped shirt ;)...- but that's ok

And Mr. Bear wore this supa fly t-shirt to school today

This was such a fun and relatively inexpensive activity for a family of five(miss bee just got a cutie onesie and shorts so she isn't cast in the goofball outfit pics).  At five bucks a pop- we had a scavenger hunt-like activity w/o the rush through the store than can be insensitive to other shoppers and employees of an establishment.  I will definitely keep this one in mind to try again as the kiddos  get older.  What will your family be likely to come up with?

 Today's NOTD is a half moon mani.  If you don't know what that is- look down at your nails(if they are unpainted) and see the half moon shape of your nail that meets the cuticle.  The purpose of this style of nail art is to emphasize or play on that shape in your nail.  I chose to simply exclude the half moon from the painting and leave it naked, but you can also do a two-toned mani and paint your half moon a different color.  Experiment with it.

This picture demonstrates two things: 1) How striking a matte finish can be and how fun it is to play with.  2) All the nicks I can get on my nails from stopping what I'm doing to go fill 20 water balloons for a water fight that was imminently important!  At least I've got my priorities in check.  The stinkin thing about nail art is- where else is your art going to be in immediately in danger of destruction if you have to put it on pause for a second? :) Keepin it real- probably won't ever have nick-free manicures, and that's ok with me!

Over and Out

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