Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Challenge Day Four

What a beautiful day today!  I had happy kiddos and really that's what its all about :) Today's challenge is to be inspired by the color green.  I had this color sitting in a box, waiting its turn and today is it's day.  I was so excited to use Sinful Colors San Francisco for today's challenge.  It is so gorgeous of course these pics don't do it justice.  It has a tad more blue than you can see, but it is just as shimmery and delicious as it appears!

This color inspired me to make a garden today.  One of my stamping plates has a rose on it- and you can't see very well cuz it's not that great of a stampin color, but there's a dusty rose shimmer polish down at the first layer.  That is Sinful Colors Dancing Nails.  Then I stamped Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold and finally from the same brand, Amethyst Ablaze.  Once again I will say it- the Maybelline metallic collection is fantabulous for stamping! So there ya have it, a little garden in your hand :)

Mr. Bear took some fun pics of little sis today.  He loves to try out mommy's gadgets (wince) but I love watching his confidence grow in his capabilities.

Here's a copy-cat mobile of something I found pinned forever ago and I can't find the link, but these cute felt animals looked so fun so I made up some patterns and set to work.  What a great project this was.  I hadn't done much with felt before but it was love.  I only wish I had even more color choices at my local Joann's.  So here is what missy gets to look at when she lays in bed :)  Night ya'll.  Time to knock out another chapter or two on the road to graduation!

Over and Out


  1. I absolutely adore that mobile! It is darling!

  2. Your mobile is awesome! It turned out great.
    Your green nails are fun for fall...did you do that yourself??? I cannot paint my own nails...I've never been able to master nail polish with my left hand - it turns out looking like I let my two year old paint my nails.
    I'm here from the Welcome Wednesday hop.
    Stop by for a visit!
    Rhiannon at Being Mom{me}

    1. Hey Rhiannon, thanks for stopping by. I did paint my own nails and I used to think the same thing about using my left hand, but after a little practice you improve- believe me- and if you get a little clean up brush and some acetone, you can get away with anything :)Letting our two-year-olds paint our nails is fun too though ;)

  3. A few things...
    1. Your nails look awesome!
    2. Your little one's tiny teeth and blonde hair are TOO CUTE!
    3. I'm loving that felt mobile :o)

    Thanks for sharing with us at Keep Calm & Link Up this week! We are thrilled you chose to join our party! Have a wonderful weekend!!