Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nail Challenge Day 6

Hello out there- today is Day 6 of the Nail Challenge and the inspiration is Violet.  I saw a tutorial for a fishtail mani here
and decided to give it a try with some dark purple shades.

The colors here are Kleancolor Golden Nightmare- the black color with gold microglitter, Lavenbaby of the same brand which is the medium purple cream, and then a purple you can hardly see- Wet n' Wild Eggplant.

I enjoyed this mani, but I would change the color choices, making sure to use three colors that are very different in shade.  Unless you look carefully, the Eggplant melts into the Golden Nightmare  so that it looks like a two color mani instead of the look I was going for.  In addition my top coat was starting to die.  It only takes so many days of use before it gets cloudy and bubbly and sticky- so time to say bye bye.  I picked up two different wet n' wild top coats to try, along with another nyc in case I don't like either of them.  The top two pics are taken in outside light and the third inside.  Gotta give a shout out to manis on a budget- all three colors were just a buck a bottle :)
What do you think?  Give it a try for yourself- it's a fairly easy geometric mani compared to some and comes off I think very interesting to look at :)

Over and Out

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