Saturday, September 15, 2012

50th post and playing catch up

50 posts gone by now and today I need to catch up for yesterday too since we were out having too much fun- pics to come!  So these are nails inspired by flowers.  I like the look of this tiny little white flower.  The base color on each nail is Sally Hansen Fog and then I just took various grays and painted some outlining and strokes of color, then some little splotches with the tip of the brush with some more grays in the middle.  I was going for a more watercolor-esque look.

As for today's mani- it is supposed to be inspired by something delicate, and I thought these little chains looked the part.  Sadly, I did these nails some time last week and was savin em and now I don't remember the colors I used- but the chains were on a bundle monster plate.
Have a blessed day everyone!!

Over and Out

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