Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hot Hot Saturday, Day 8

Well it was almost too hot today to do anything.  It is nearly 11 at night and it's still too darn hot.  My commitment to not running the ac is coming back to bite me.  But that's the thing about commitment- if you cave you aint committed.  If I don't have as many cutie pics lately of bear and bug it's mostly because they've been runnin around in their skivvies due to the heat! I'll therefore show you pics of the things I did dress up today-

 30 Day Nail Challenge Day 8
 Today's inspiration was metallic.  The base here is Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Ablaze.  After that dried (quickly) I stamped with a bundle monster plate, the print with same brand Navy Narcissist.  Finished with top coat and there you have it.  Just wanted to use this mani to showcase two of my favorite stamping polishes.  If you enjoy painting your nails and want to mix it up a bit- stamping plates give you a great variety of prints to play with.  You have to practice...i'm still learning...but it's fun.  I got my plates on ebay- there are many to choose from- i've tried bundle monster and i have a set of mash plates coming so i'll let you know which i like better.  I'm hoping the mash plates have a little larger image so I don't have to stamp multiple times like I did on the thumb in order to get full coverage.

One such pictures of said unclothed heathens.  Picture carefully cropped for modesty :)  Bug is watching only the opening song to Backyardigans and singing along with flair.

Try to stay nice n' cool peeps :)

Over and Out

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