Monday, September 17, 2012

Challenge Day 17; Glitter Nails

This gorgeous Milani purple glitter was screaming out to be used on glitter inspiration day, so of course I was going to do a jelly sandwich which is glitter layered with a jelly polish(or non-opaque cream).  I picked this light yellow to have my two fav colors together on this jelly glitter day :).  The yellow is NYC Taxi Yellow Cream, and the purple is Milani Jewel FX in Lavender.  After four layers (yellow, glitter, yellow, glitter) I used a matte top coat since it finishes off the sandwich just the way I like it- with a non-glossy finish.  This combination ended up looking like a speckled egg, especially with the matte finish.  Try it for yourself, just remember to allow enough time between layers so it doesn't get gummy on you.

Over and Out

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