Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Fab-y Weekend! Get It?

Here we are at Faby's reception Gramma.  I'm so chill in my stroller with pretty Faby.  

Here's me and Daddy and I have my party dress on.

Here I am with brother and daddy while big brother was off ice skating with friends- to which he thinks he broke another arm- not the same one as last time... we'll see about that.

Congrats to Faby and Roberto!! So many friends came to support them and we weren't able to stay long since Bug wasn't havin it, but it seemed like a great party :)

Grandma! I miss you!

Never before was there such a happy agreeable baby :)

NOTD quickly- is Challenge Day inspired by a Movie.  Any guesses?

You've Got Mail!  Not super current, but never goes out of style.  Love love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together and yes that's supposed to be a kiss on the accent finger for a SWAK.  This movie is especially close to my heart since Tim and I "got mail" once upon a time ago. :)  I think we'll have to pull this film out and get all sentimental.

Over and Out

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