Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Night Out and Polka Dots

What a fun night!  We decided to spend family night out last night.  Here's what we were up to:

Always fun to travel in the car... at least you'd think so by this face :)

Dinner at Strings- waiting to order.  Bug and I took a walk til the food got there and it was yummers!

Then off to Chana Park in Auburn.  Bug was having such a fun time.  There were TONS of kids there which usually affects him negatively but last night he was all smiles.

Bear showing off some climbing skillzzz

It's too bad his face wasn't in focus- but just look at that happy boy!

More monkeyin around

Miss Bee loved the cool grass! 

 Best Buds

Hi brother,

Meet my palm-

My brother is so good to me!

A bunch o' goofballs.  I still hadn't turned my flash on so it's not in focus...boo...

and here we go- such QTs- sweaty after taking a jog around the lake- per bug's request :)

Mom's turn to get in the mug shot.
Loved the night so much!! Moments like these are what makes life so beautiful.

NOTD- Inspiration polka dots.
Here are the base colors.  The blue is a new one from Sinful Colors, and trust me it is gorgeous- it's called Precious Metal, and the red is Wet n' Wild Red Red.  

I wanted to do this mani because it reminds me of my grandma Dorothy Lee.  A classic navy blue or red dress with polka dots speaks to her era and she's such a beautiful lady. xoxo grandma!

I was multi-tasking tonight and watching SYTYCD at the same time as putting together this post- drool- my fav!
Have a nice night all :)

Over and out

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  1. I absolutely LOVE it when my little ones play together! I love your little ones' sweet smiles!