Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Techniques

Today I have two new nail art techniques that I learned in the process of this 30 day nail art challenge.  The first was yesterday's challenge- galaxy nails.  I found a tutorial that I liked for this technique here .  

Maybe this smaller picture will lend better to the galaxy look.
Are you going to give this trend a try? I thought it was fun and made me feel very artsy in deed. The base polish here is Julep Brandt and then I layered NYC Lexington Yellow and Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl, Snow me White, and Ciao Bello respectively.  Then I used Wet n' Wild Hallucinate as a top coat for extra twinkle.

This next technique had me somewhat worried when I saw it on the docket and I was not exactly looking forward to it, but let me tell ya it was fun!  Water marble is very trendy right now and you can see examples of it here and there are some great tutorials of the technique here

For my first try I say not too shabby and definitely not frustrating and scary like I've heard from many others.  Going to try this again very soon with some different color variations as the pink here blends too much into my skin tone.  It's true that not every polish works for a water marble nail art, but pick some colors and give it a try- and have fun with it.  The colors I used here were the same as in the galaxy nails above, except for the yellow as it did not work for the water marble.

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