Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Challenge Day 5- Am I Color Blind?

I was so excited to use this polish for blue inspiration day, but when I got it on my nails I started thinking the bottle had deceived me- is it blue or green?

 And my poor nails were so stained after green and blue day(middle finger especially) that I had to resort to whitening toothpaste to try to clean up a little bit!  This is a beautiful color- just for this purpose I wish it had been more blue- but I wasn't going to pick another polish after I had it on cuz I liked it so much.  Hopefully from this pic you can see the gold and blue flecks in it that were so lovely.  This color is Spoiled Deeper Dive.

These colors for the dots are Sinful Colors Unicorn and Savage, and Kleancolor Blue Pearl and Sea Ice.
 All the above pictures were taken in natural light, and below in doors- which definitely makes it look more green to me.  Oh well ;)  Have a blessed night all!

Over and Out

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