Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Random Swatchfest 1/10/2015

Hey!  It's Swatchfest Time!! I'm excited, are you?  As always we are going to look at ten random polishes from the untried portion of my collection.  If you'd like to see the live application review of these polishes, you can always view that here:

Let's look at the polish:

For our red polish this week, we have FingerPaints Vintage Glam which is a lovely bright, slightly-cool, red crelly.  This gets opaque in two coats and I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely coverage. A

Next up we have e.l.f. Electric Pink which is a pretty basic medium pink cream.  The nice this about this polish is that it practically applies itself and it's only a couple bucks.  This is two coats.  A

For orange this week, we're looking at this new polish from Wet n' Wild called Nuclear War.  It was released with a number of other new polishes, in this new packaging, and it has a great two-coater crelly formula.  I'm not crazy about orange polish, but I did enjoy this one because I had no application issues.  AND it's $.99!  A

The polish I am swatching for yellow this week is the amazing dusty mustard from Orly that I still can't find a name for!  A few subscribers gave me ideas for what it could be, but alas, none turned out to be right.  I still pine to find the name of this gorgeous polish that Marshalls had the audacity to sell without a name on it.  You definitely need two coats, but it was really easy to apply.  A

Our green polish is from the OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 collection and it's called Christmas Gone Plaid.  I know this is a very "Christmas" green, but I feel like it doesn't have to be stuck in that one time of year because it's such a gorgeous color.  You really do need two coats here, but after two it is rather lovely and I had no trouble with application.  A-

Nails Inc Primrose Park is our blue polish this week.  It's a two-to-three coater and I thought it might be a duochrome but it's probably just what the bottle says, it's a metallic but a very vibrant punch of color for a metallic.  This is two coats.  A-

My purple polish this week is French Lilac from American Apparel and it is such a lovely one-coater. I've actually shown you two here, but you don't need it.  It does dry semi-matte.  Loved the formula!! A

Zoya London, which is a medium, warm gray textured polish with tons of silver micro glitter.  I've shown it to you here layered over a very light blue because when I swatched it on the wheel I thought it might be a nice topper, but I think you could probably reach an acceptable amount of opacity at two to three coats on its own.  A-

For glitter this week we're looking at Deborah Lippmann Today Was a Fairy Tale.  It's a slightly-blue/silver micro and hex glitter that rests in a barely blue base.  This is two coats over French Lilac that I showed you earlier.  I had no application issues here.  A-

My A+ polish of the week comes from the drugstore.  I picked this up at Walgreens the other day because I was so excited to see this gorgeous powder blue, and it had some surprising subtle shimmer.  It's from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear and called Babe Blue.  This had a great two-coater formula.  Snatch it if you see it :)

What was your A+ polish of the week?  See you back next time!

Song of the Day: Lamb- Gorecki

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  1. The yellow might be SpaRitual Positive Vibe. Orly and SpaRitual are part of the same company, and people have been reporting finding polishes at TJ Maxx/Marshalls from related companies in different bottles (like NOPI polishes being sold in OPI bottles).