Sunday, January 4, 2015

Color Club Ticket to Paradise Collection Live Application Review

Hey Guys, I have another Color Club collection to share with you today.  This time it's the Ticket to Paradise collection which is made up of 7 juicy Spring/Summer crelly polishes.  They all require at least 3 coats to become opaque(except for the red polish).  If you'd like to watch the video review with live application you can as usual do so on my youtube channel here:

All Inclusive is a warm lime/pineapple.  Most of these will need three coats, as this one did.  As you can see, even at three coats it's not super opaque, which is unfortunate because the color is so fun.  If you kind of like this squishy appearance though, you may really enjoy this whole collection.  Other than the sheer nature I didn't really have any issues with the formula.

Bermuda Beaches has the same formula as the rest, three coats for sure, and very squishy appearance.  It's a softy peachy pink with lovely pink/golden shimmer that really adds something special.

Frozen Daiquiri was the only polish that had a different formula.  It is much more a standard cream and I'd actually consider it a rather easy one to two coat application.  The color is outstanding- so much payoff and if you're looking to add another great red to your collection I totally recommend this one.

Sea-ing Blue is a lovely sea blue with tons of shimmer.  It's unfortunate that it's so sheer, but again- if you like these squishy polishes, than you may really enjoy it.  This is again three coats.

The Islands was the most sheer of all the polishes- and was the most disappointing because I was so interested in the shade that you can see in the bottle.  It's less bright, and obviously less opaque, on the nail and it also has subtle shimmer.  This is three coats.

Tiny Umbrella is slightly more opaque polish than some of the others, but it is still a three-coater and as you can see, it's packed with shimmer again.  The color is really lovely and I had no trouble with formula.

With the Cabana Boy is the carrot orange in the collection that looks so juicy and has some subtle shimmer.  You are looking at three coats again.  I think this is another winner of the collection.

I hope you're having a great day and that this review helped you decide if you need any of these little pretties.  See you back next time!

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  1. HI! This pink is so pretty!! Thank-you for the gorgeous swatches. :)

  2. I love your swatches ! I will pick up some of these. Thank you for your review