Friday, January 9, 2015

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection with Live Application

Hey guys :)  A few weeks ago I reviewed the recently-released Fifty Shades of Grey 6 piece collection from OPI.  This collection is meant to go along with the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film.  It's made up of creams, a shimmer and a metallic.  I feel like the concept behind this collection was great, but some of the polishes have some application issues.  If you'd like to see the live application review of the collection you can find that here:

Let's look at the polish:
The first gray cream in the collection is Cement the Deal.  This was a good two-coater, one of the better formulas of the bunch.  This is the lightest gray and I actually really liked this one.  I had no application issues here.

Next up we're going to look at Dark Side of the Mood which is what I considered the worst polish in the collection.  The thing is- I was so hoping that this deep, slightly cool gray would be amazing. However, it's really thin and watery and you need at least three coats.  I was bummed this wasn't better.  In any case- there are many gray polishes out there- you don't need this one.  You see three coats here.

The next gray cream in the collection is just slightly darker than the first one we looked at.  It's called Embrace the Gray.  I had no application issues here.  It's just pretty basic.  I'm showing you two coats here.

The shimmer/metallic polish in the collection is called My Silk Tie.  I actually didn't care for this one.  It was on the sheer side at two coats, which just isn't worth messing around with when there are SO MANY silver metallic polishes out there.  I say pass on this one.  You see two coats here.

The one pop of color in the collection, I feel very fittingly, is Romantically Involved which is a sexy vibrant red cream.  The formula and opacity on this polish was just fine, nothing to break the mold here.  If you really need a red cream, or you are a huge fan of the book you might want this one. Otherwise, you really don't need it.  This is two coats.

The one glitter polish in the collection is a blue and silver microglitter/shimmer called Shine for Me. I've shown it to you here at two coats over Cement the Deal.  This was definitely the most interesting polish in the collection.  If you aren't a fan of the books, this is probably the only polish you "need."

Well that's the whole review.  I hope you found this helpful.  Have a fabulous day and I'll see you back next time.

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