Saturday, January 10, 2015

L'oreal Dark Sides of Grey Collection with Live Application

Well hello there!  I have another review for you today- this time it's from L'oreal and It's called Dark Side of Grey.  The collection is comprised of 8 polishes, and in comparison to the OPI Fifty Shades of Gray collection(which came out at about the same time) this one really does give a much better offering.  I reviewed this on my channel with full live application and you can see that here if you like:

Let's look at the polish:
First up we've hot this very light gray- that's almost a cream shade- called Aux Chandelles.  It doesn't dry super glossy- it's kind of semi-satin.  I've shown it here two coats without topcoat so you can get an idea of what it looks like naturally.  I really enjoyed this one.  It applied without issue and is a really great choice for a neutral.

There are two textured polishes in this collection(which I happened to love because I'm still enjoying texture) and the first is this deep gray that almost seems like it might have a touch of plum.  It's called Bad Bad Grey and I've shown you two coats here.

Another very deep gray in the collection is this polish that dries very matte and it's called Grey Corset.  This is a blue-toned gray and you pretty much only need one coat.  This is two coats, which it doesn't really need, but I've done it for consistency.  I loved this one for the color and versatility, and if you don't like matte polishes- just look how glorious it is with topcoat:

Probably the showpiece of the collection is the amazing silver holographic called Masked Affair. This is two coats, without flash.  This holographic is really fantastic for drugstore.  Bravo L'oreal!

A deep gray frost that leans just a little bit green is called Miss Grey.  I really did enjoy this one for the fact that I feel like the collection tries to offer you a bit of everything.  I love that it has a bit of green and for all our frost lovin' peeps out there this gives you a great option and it doesn't have brushstroke issues.  This is two coats.

The most straight-up gray of the collection is this deep gray lustre polish called Power Potion.  I would call it a frost, but with no brush strokes at all, it's more like a lustre finish- which for me is in between a shimmer and a frost.  This is two coats and I loved it.

The dense shimmer gray that leans a bit teal in the collection is called Totally D'accord.  I felt like this was another interesting addition to the bunch, while veering the farthest from gray.  This is two coats.

The final polish in the collection is another texture.  It's a grungy gray called Caution Please.  I again really enjoyed that they put another texture in here, but if you don't like texture, you can easily pass on this one.  This is two coats, but you may only need one.

I hope you're having a great day and that you found this review helpful :)  See you back next time!

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