Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Three Petal Flowers Faux Tutorial

Hello gorgeous! How are you doin' this morning?  Do you need some nail art love this mornin? Well you came to the right place :)  Here's a super fun and easy look for you today.  This is kind of a faux tutorial because I didn't do a step-by-step picture tutorial, but I will explain to you what you need to do.  Let's get started.  All you need is three colors: a light cream for your base(I used Maybelline Bare Escape), and two bright colors to pop out from the nail.  I have used China Glaze Vertical Rush and Cross Iron 360.  Here's what the three petal mani looks like:

 As you can see I've reversed the colors on the ring finger- but basically you just paint one petal in the middle of each nail- kind of make a diamond but with curved edges on the sides- and then once that's dry do the same thing with the third color starting at the base of your first petal but aiming out to the side, and repeat to the other side.  I outlined each petal first with a detail brush and then filled it in before moving on to the next petal.  What do you think- sweet and simple right?  Oh, and it's best to pick shades for the flowers that are nearly one-coaters so your nail art doesn't need multiple coats and get too thick.  Wait a generous amount of time for these to dry so you don't drag the colors when you top coat- and then...top coat!

Here is Bare Escape on it's own:

Here is Vertical Rush:

And here is Cross Iron 360:

These colors are both from the China Glaze Ski Collection from quite a minute ago, but I found them for a couple bucks at Marshalls- you can often get good finds there.  All three of these polishes are shown at two coats and these last two semi-frosts were especially lovely.  Hope you enjoyed this look today and that you give it a try!  Lots of love to you and do something that takes courage today!

Song of the Day: Little Dragon- Shuffle a Dream
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  1. Super cute floral nails! Bare Escape is such a gorgeous color and Vertical Rush is so flattering on you!

    Dropping by from Too Cute Tuesday.

    Del @ spud-nails.blogspot.com