Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/26/2014

Hello to you! How has your day been...your week been?  It's been birthday week here at our house.  Little princess turned two! and we've been busy celebrating her amazing achievement at surviving her brothers for two year ;)  Let's get right to the photos:
 It was major Dora time up in this place for the partay!

 Birthday Girl

 Cake wasn't so much a dessert as it was a playtime activity

 I mean when you find dolls on your cake, you just have to play with them, right?

 Looks much better after the remodeling

 Ah, good friends 

 This party animal was there

 And this dude too, although he didn't really eat the cake either

 We invited a dj for the occasion

 And daddy found the biggest Dora ever!

 For her birthday we took missy Bee out on a date for lunch all by herself

 And then to see Frozen with games afterward!

 I can't believe my baby is TWO!

 Another highlight of the week was going to the Dinosaur Quest exhibit

 All of the dinosaurs were moving and it was in a big dark tent and quite spooky...

 They had a separate tent for rides and jumpy castles!   

 It was so crowded but the kids loved it!

 Missy lady went on the little twerps' area and stayed there for nearly an hour...

LOL this little girl in the pink looks like she's trying to kick Bee down the slide...

What a fun week we had!  I hope you and yours are well.  Love from our family to yours!  XOXO

Song of the Day: Vampire Weekend- Ya Hey
*this link is provided for its audio content only*

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