Thursday, February 20, 2014

China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection

Hey Peeps!  I have the latest textured polish release from China Glaze called the Sea Goddess Collection and it is made up of 6 polishes.  It consists of purples, blue-greens and pinks and each polish contains shimmer or glitter unlike their previously released textured polishes.  This makes each polish very feminine and sparkly and really quite lovely.  You can check out the video of the live application here, on my youtube channel:

Let's take a look at these babies!

First off is Sand Dolla Make You Holla which is a palest-of-the-pale lavender milky base with multi-colored micro glitters in it.  This is three coats and the left two fingers show what the polish looks like after 5 minutes drying time and the two on the right are directly after application.  This demonstrates how you really do need to give this polish time to settle and dry to see the textured finish.  This is a really unique polish, but it had one of the worse formulas of the bunch.  You have to be patient with this one, but if you love textured polish then you'll love all of these, no matter how much babying they need.

This radiant lovely is Sea Horsin' Around and it is one of my top three picks from this collection.  Practically a one-coat, it glides on easily and gives you no problems.  Unfortunately this one was a stainer :( so you might wanna double-up your basecoat- I certainly will when I wear this again.  So beautiful.

The darker pink from the collection, this is Shell We Dance? and it's a mid-tone pink with shimmer and silver micro-glitter.  This is another one with a great formula, easy to apply and only required two coats.  I actually preferred the other pink in this collection, but that is just color preference- I had no issues with this polish.

 My favorite of the bunch is this silvered-lilac gem called Tail Me Something.  Another super easy two-coater, this is a no-hassle polish.  I just really loved how reflective it was on the nails and the color is superb.  If you pick up one from the collection, this would be my suggestion to you.

This minty green polish by the name of Teal the Tide Turns has micro teal glitters in it.  Unfortunately this was the messiest shade in the collection.  Each layer take a while to dry or else you get dragging and unevenness. You're looking at three coats and I had to work with it a bit and it's still rather patchy which is so sad because the shade is gorgeous.

My second favorite of the group is the lighter pink and I love it for all the golden shimmer.  It's called Wish On a Starfish.  This is going to be perfection for Spring and Summer and it is sheer on the first coat, but this is just two coats, and it even out so nicely.  If you like pinks you'll definitely enjoy having this polish in your arsenal.  And that rounds out the collection.

As far as textured collections go, I think this one's definitely a winner.  There's a wide range of shades and they even have varying finishes of shimmer and glittered textures.  These can be found at your Sally Beauty Supply and I see them on head2toebeauty but they are currently out of stock.  Hopefully soon they will have them back in.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Did you find something you liked?  Which was your favorite- let me know in the comments below.

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