Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 2/1/2014

Happy Saturday polish lovers!!  It's time to look at 10 more polishes from my swatched folder.  These are all little ladies that haven't had a chance to be featured on my blog yet, and today's the day for them!
Let's get started:
Pure Ice All Nighter is a lovely wine, burgundy lustre shine polish.  This is a really great one from this brand and its nearly a one-coater.  I really like this color and I think it's quite attractive.  A

Barielle Jewlie Box is your basic pale pink/purple cream.  This was fine at two coats, and its not a shade I really love to wear all the time, but it has its place and it's a good one to grab because the formula was no nonsense.  I think I found this one at Marshalls' bargain polish bin for a couple bucks.  A

Misa Bop Til You Drop is my orange shade of the day.  I don't have many orange polishes to show usually(yellows either) but this one is a deeper coral that I'm gonna count as orange.  As you can see in the bottle, it has subtle shimmer but it doesn't show up on the nail very well.  That being said, I did really like this polish.  The formula was great and with the subtle shimmer, it makes the polish look like it's shining from within.  This is two coats.  A

Fingerpaints Key to My Art is a gold metallic that seems to lean a little green, which I actually didn't like that much on my skin.  I think they're getting rid of this shade because it was put on clearance along with a bunch of others this last Winter.  I can understand why.  There are much more attractive gold metallics.  This is two coats.  B-

Julep Kendra is a deep forest green with shimmer and I really only felt ok about this polish.  I got this one in I think my very last subscription box from Julep and I had received enough in a row that I was underwhelmed with, that for the price point I decided it wasn't worth it.  I think what it is, is I have other deep greens that are nicer.  So in comparison, I don't think I'll be reaching for this one.  This is two coats.  B

Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Air is just your very palest blue that you can find.  This is three coats for this level of opacity which I don't love, but I think the look of the polish is really delicate and sweet.  Even though it's more work, I do really enjoy it.  A-

Sinful Colors Purple Heart is a polish they released this Christmas time with a bunch of other platinum foil/metallics in multiple shades.  I thought this one was particularly gorgeous(well duh, it's purple) and it was nearly a one-coater.  I'm not sure you can still find this one in stores, but I'm sure they'll repromote it at some point.  A

Nicole by OPI- A Phil's Paradise is a really different kind of silver metallic, kind of a chrome look to it- kind of gritty to me.  It's not really my favorite silver shade but it is unique and fun.  I picked this one up as they were clearanced out of Kmart, otherwise I would probably have skipped this bottle.  A

Orly Digital Glitter is so interesting!  Look at all those flakies!  The nice thing is that it's not a topper so you're getting this full coverage in two coats.  What is this- violet, red, and gold flakes of glitter in there?  So awesome.  Love it!  A

Revlon Colorstay Rainforest is my A+ polish of the week.  This gives a great contrast to Julep Kendra because it's an example of the deep forest green shimmers that I do really enjoy.  This line from Revlon is their pricier one, but they are putting some on 75% clearance right now and I'm not sure why because all the ones I've picked up have been nice.  I don't think they're really worth the nearly 10 dollar price point, but when they're on clearance I find them to be great.  I love the jam-packed yellow green shimmer in this baby. Just divine at two coats.

That's it- 10 random pics from my swatched folder.  These little beauties finally got their time to shine :) Which was your favorite?  What have you been rockin' on your nails this week?  See you back tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Marina and the Diamonds- How to be a Heartbreaker
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Over and out.

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