Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 2/8/2014

Howdy polish fanatics!  Saturday means random swatching and I'm late getting this up because I've been running errand all day.  Let us make haste!

Confetti Dressed to the 9's is my random red polish choice for today.  It really does have a gold of gold in there, as you can see in the bottle, so this ends up looking like an antique red.  You know, I don't care for this brand a whole lot- especially compared to other great ones at the drug store, but this one was ok.  Not something I'd tell you to rush out and get, that's for sure.  I say B+

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer Berry Sweet is one of my long-time-polish-buddies.  She's been with me for many years- back from the days when I wasn't a polish fiend.  She's the shade of polish that I don't usually gravitate to because I'm much more into non-conventional polish colors now, but when I do want an old standard- I turn to this little chicky.  I think this is a discontinued line of Sally polishes- I would say it probably turned into the Complete Salon Manicure which makes the most sense formula-wise.  Meaning...I'm not sure you'll ever find this exact polish, but it was in my swatched folder so I thought I'd share it.  P.S....10 years later and this bottle of polish is still applying like a champ.  A

Revlon Colorstay Sunburst was in the clearance bin at Big Lots- actually they have a number of the Colorstay polishes there.  This super squishy orange jelly is shown here at three coats.  Unfortunately it's still sheer, but that's what happens with jellies.  This color is so unique in my collection; I rather like the shade, and when you find it for under a couple bucks, that never hurts either.  B

Color Club Pearl District is a gilded gold metallic that applied nicely in two coats.  Among many many gold polishes out there, this one doesn't really stand out that much, except for the fact that it's antique looking.  The formula was ok and honestly I was expecting to like it more than I did...  Overall, it was just ok.  B

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Limestone is a particularly fabulous lime green cream.  You can pick up this little baby for a buck at drug stores and look at how it packs a punch!  This applied nicely and I always love a great bargain.  This isn't a color I'd wear every day, but it fits in its niche nicely.  A

Color Club Williamsburg is a gorgeous deep blue with dense shimmer and flakies.  I have to admit, I didn't wear this one long because I hadn't doubled-up my base coat when I originally swatched it and I was worried it would stain, but when I removed it, it really didn't seem that bad.  I'm totally in love with this color.  You're looking at two effortless coats.  A

China Glaze Rendezvous With You is one of the few polishes I picked up from the Autumn Nights Collection.  I love this mix of blackened-plum,silver, and taupe.  This is two coats, and it applied without any issues.  Definitely my favorite from that collection.  A

Pure Ice Taupe Drawer is one of my very favorite nude polishes.  It's under two bucks at Walmart and this is two easy coats- it's totally complimentary on and it's just really refreshing.  It's more of a peachy-nude to me.  I recommend this one if you're looking for a new nude polish.  A

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Frazzle Dazzle is a new glitter polish of theirs and honestly I didn't really care for this one that much :(  It was kind of a bummer formula(gloopy) and this is two coats and I still didn't get very much product in my opinion.  It's made up of copper, gold, and black hexes, bar, and micro glitters.  I had high hopes for this little lady, and I always like to give this Sally line a try because she's so budget-friendly.  Oh well.  C

Sinful Colors Lavender is my draft for A+ polish of the week.  Such a gorgeous grayed-out blurple.  I'm so overcome by shades like this.  This brand retails for under two bucks at your drug stores and they really do a great job with formula in general.  I think this one's in their core line, so you should be able to find this one at any time.  Happy Hunting!

That's it- 10 more polishes and we have a wrap!  I hope you're having a swell weekend and I'll see you back tomorrow.  Don't forget to tell me which one was your favorite :)

Song of the Day: Family of the Year- Hero
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