Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up 2/19/2014

Hey guys and gals, friends and loved-ones, how the heck are ya?  We are great in our neck of the woods. Besides a 24 hour flu that swept through our house, we are fine and dandy.  Tim had a work trip to Dallas again this week so it's just been me and the little rascals, but he's coming home and we all have to settle down and get serious because we've just been a bunch of goof-offs while he's been gone.  Let the photos be the evidence of such:

Missy Bee loooooves play-doh

also her birthday is this week and she's been getting special mail in the week- boy she loves getting mail!

Mr. Buggy Boy has been a happy camper- even through the flu and waking up at 2, 3, and 4 o'clock every morning this week lol.  He just has plans that he can't have sleep interfering with!

This dude has been working on his push-ups a lot lately.  Such a stud.

Missy Bee discovered that she loves carrots and celery!  Push those french fries to the side and bring me some veggies!!  That's my girl!

We had some Home Depot adventures this week which is the bestest because of THIS cart lol

and THIS hat

and THIS cutie playing peek-a-boo

and lining up watering cans...

oh and then there was this

and this

We picked up a hose and nozzle this week and that has been what the kids have come home and play with every day.  

ya...he's doing that on purpose

Lastly, we of course had to have park time

and obviously bath time- where I luckily caught this awesome picture :)

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our week and that you have had a great week where you're at too!  Here's love from us to you!  See you next week(unless of course you're here for the nails too, which in that case I'll see you back tomorrow).  XOXO

Song of the Day: Olly Murs- Dear Darlin'
*this link is provided for its audio properties only*

Over and out.