Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest 2/22/2014

Who's ready for another random swatchfest?  If you're new here, on Saturdays I pull 10 random pictures from my swatched folder that have yet to have had a time to shine on my blog and then I talk about em, give you the 411 on these polishes and each receive a grade.  Let's get started:
Sinful Colors Red Eye is a cherry red packed with micro pink shimmer.  It's very lovely on the nail and really stands on its own.  I have to say, when I wear red polish I really prefer to go the more traditional route instead of something like this, but that's just my preference.  It's still a really nice shade and you're looking at two easy-to-apply coats. A-

Fingerpaints Enchanted Winter is a cinnamon bronze textured polish.    Can you see all that sparkle and dimension due to all the different shimmers they packed into this formula?  I totes didn't know this was a textured polish when I snatched it out of a Sally's bargain and I think it's really unique.  This is two coats. A

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Berry Juicy is a ballerina pink cream and I'm sorry to say this formula is a mess! As with the rest of the polishes that released at the same time as this one- I think during last Summer or Spring- it is sticky and really hard to get even.  Bummer!  These might have been limited addition shades, but just stay away ;)  There are plenty of other polishes out there in this shade.  C-

Nicole by OPI Hit the Lights was a surprise hit for me.  I was amazed at its opacity and evenness after just two coats.  If you like really bright yellows, you may have found what you were looking for in this little bottle. I picked up mine at Marshalls where most polishes are 50 to 75% off regular retail- I still wouldn't pay full price for this one- but I think it might still be at CVS if you just have to have it.  This is two coats on its own- no white base!  A

L.A. Girl Peacock was another shocker.  I have only tried a few of these polishes, but have always been pleasantly surprised with their formula.  They don't have the most interesting range of shades and formulas which is why I don't gravitate to them, and they're more expensive than Sinful Colors, but when you see them on sale at Rite Aid, you might want to try one.  This color is just divine and it was easy to apply in two coats. A

Rimmel Salon Pro Barmy Blue is from their new release of polishes that you can find now in the Rimmel display and I have to say I was pleased with the formula.  Their older polishes are some of my favorite formula-wise at the drugstore, but they didn't have a nice range of shades.  With these they're at least branching out a bit with colors and formula.  This is a gorgeous royal blue crelly- just the perfect amount of squishy and shine.  These were on sale, B1GO1/2OFF at CVS for a little bit, but I'm sure they'll be back on sale in no time if you're interested.  This is two coats on its own.  A

Color Club The Uptown is a neon purple jelly base that is simply stuffed full with golden holo flakies.  This would look better layered over another purple, but I wanted to show you what it looks like on its own.  Such an interesting polish!!  This is two coats and it didn't give me any issues.  A

Sparitual In the Buff is a sheer nude-leaning cream.  This is shown at three coats because I didn't like the way it showed my VNL at two coats, but you may like it that way.  I found this at Marshalls, and I must admit I was slightly disappointed with the lack of opacity, but the formula was just divinity as always with Sparitual.  So creamy and smooth...I absolutely love this brand.  A-

NYC Top of the Gold over Rimmel Barmy Blue that I showed you up above.  As you can see, the base doesn't change the color of your base polish but just shows off the gorgeous golden holo flakies.  These were also on a B1G1 sale at CVS so if you watch your sales you could grab this little lovely for under a buck. This is just one coats of the topper.  A

I always show you my favorite polish of the week at the end, and this week I am obsessed with Fingerpaints Rock Hard Lilac which is a textured metallic that they just recently released with three other colors which I didn't bother with because they were more dupe-able.  The only reason I knew how gorgeous this little lady is, is due to the lovely Yadi at so I want to give her a shout-out.  This is two coats here, but you could definitely get away with one.  I just love how luminescent this polish is!  It slays me! :)  I wanted to wear this shade all week, but I had swatching to do.....durn it!  This is going back on the nails asap.  If you hurry you can still find this polish and her three sisters at your local Sally Beauty Supply. If you want to know what the others look like, you can find them on Yadi's blog.  Rock Hard Lilac gets the great big A+

And that's it!  What was your favorite of the bunch, and what was the color you were loving from your stash this week?  Until tomorrow, take care and have a fabulous day!

Song of the Week: Metric-Gimme Sympathy
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Over and out.

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