Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday Random Swatching and Monday Mani: 2/4/2013

Hope you all had a nice Superbowl Sunday!  Welcome to another installment of random swatching madness =D Here are my picks of the week:

 This is a super hot red cream appropriately called Fire from Revlon.  Super sexy and chic at the same time, you'll be sure to find many occasions to wear this polish.  Loved it's crisp, clean look.  A.

Boozy Bruch
 Looking for a non-Halloween cream to wear- this one is surely it.  Creamy and fabulous, L'oreal Boozy Bruch had a little bit of a streaky finish like I find many from this brand to have, but it turned out great in the end. A-

Sparrow Me the Drama
 Oh how I loved this dusty pink, Sparrow Me the Drama from OPI.  I don't have many colors similar to this shade because they feel too tame for me ;) but this one is so sweet and lovely that I couldn't resist.  Thank you OPI for this color! A.

I love love the Milani Holographic polishes.  Packed with holo flakies- this gold based polish is a stunner on the nail.  Milani's 3D gets an A.

Gargantuan Green Grape
 Another matte shade- such a fun way to switch up you manicures.  Of course there are top coats that can make any polish matte- but some like Gargantuan Green Grape from OPI come matte already.  A.

Brisk Blue
 Bright, almost neon blue, Brisk Blue from Sally Hansen Insta Dri is a one coat wonder.  Want a polish to pack a punch in just one sweep? Reach for this bottle :) A.

Back to Reality...TV
 This beautiful gray/purple with a pink/gold shimmer has so much going on in one little polish.  Back to Reality...TV by Nicole by OPI is from the Kardashian Collection and takes one of my fav color combos and kicks it up a notch! A.

This inconspicuous gray/taupe surprised me with how lovely it was. I mean, I love me a gray polish, but I wasn't sure if the color was going to translate that well, but it sure did, and picked up at a clearance price of a buck it was a great little dealio.  Hazy by Revlon gets an A for a smooth two-coater.

Gold Texture
 I don't think I've figured out the trick behind making a shatter texture coat look really spectacular. If you haven't tried one of these polishes, basically you paint them over your choice of base color and the polish pulls apart to give a "shatter" look.  I just didn't feel it on this one, but I think I need to play with it some more.  Definitely prefer this yellow tone to another red shatter that I have though.  Nicole by OPI Gold Texture get's a B.

Mint Sprint
Man I'm a sucker for these bright aqua greens!  This is my A+ color of the week.  Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes are usually one-coaters and such was this little bottle.  I haven't tried it for stamping yet- but I will.  Mint Sprint is just gorgeous and would look great as a pedi too!

That's it for my Sunday random swatches.  My Little Princess came by and pushed the power button on my tower last night so I'm re-writing this post this Monday morning, so I will feature my Monday Mani here too :)

 This is the day after and I have a bit of chipping from wear, but this one was so fun.  It's a dotticure with a tip.

The colors here are Zoya Tracie as the base, Milani White On the Spot, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy on the tips, and Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Golden-I for the lining.  Hope you enjoyed and that you live it up this week!!

Over and Out

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