Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day, Lovies!

Hello all!  I love Valentine's Day!  When I was a kid we always drew names to have one other person in the family as our "valentine" and we would give each other surprises and treats.  Even if you don't have a significant other you can have valentines in your life.  I love that I learned that at a young age :)  

Here is my Valentine mani today:
 It's just a simple gradient underneath using Orly Garnet Truth and Confetti Five Gold Rings- which I've been using a lot yesterday cuz it's saturated with so much bling.  You can find that brand at your CVS for a couple bucks if you're looking :)  Then using a small not small enough brush I painted some hearts in this simple pattern.  I had a hard time fitting all these hearts on like I wanted- but hey! it's a learning process right? ;)  I thought I had a small detail brush but I'll have to look for a smaller one.  Another way to paint a heart is using a dotting tool and dragging the paint down after you dot.  I tried that but they were too big still.  Annnnnyway :) Here's my v-day look and I hope you do some lovely painting yourself today.

Love you all!

Over and Out

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