Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching 2/9/2013

It's that time again.  Time for a weekly round-up of random swatches from my swatched folder.  One of each color and my impression.  Last week I had almost all stellar reviews.  We'll see if these shades will be so lucky. :)

Garnet Truth
 To kick things off we have Orly Garnet Truth.  I really loved the dusting of silver foil through this cherry red polish.  It was a great way to spice up a good standard for your nails.  Definitely worth picking up if you see this one around.  A.

 I'm kinda of the fence about this bubblegum pink cream.  Cupid from Revlon just didn't end up being enough of a standout for me.  I think this one definitely needs to be tried with some glitter layering options.  B- on it's own.

Orange You Hot?
 This polish is like a frosty mac n' cheese.  China Glaze Orange You Hot? was another clearance polish that I'm going to have say I might know why it was there.  The color just wasn't too complimentary- although very fun :) I think it has an A for effort but ultimately a B-

Tweet Me
 Wowza, another polish that dropped the ball for me.  I love yellow, but in polishes- they really are hit and miss.  Look at the lovely flakies in the bottle!  They do transfer to the nail, but the yolky yellow of L'oreal's Tweet Me combined with the sheer nature of this polish even after three coats....oh boy, I was disappointed.  Sad face.  Going to try this one over off-white I think. C

Cast a Spell
 Ok, this polish makes up for the folly of the last two.  This was Cast a Spell from China Glaze's Halloween Collection and I know this picture is horribad, but this color is gorgeous.  It has a myriad of greens from light to dark and really is a showstopper on.  I was lucky enough to find one in the clearance bin at my Sally's and I love it. A

Royal Navy
 This is another love.  Royal to cobalt blue with gorgeous teal flakies is just magical.  This is two coats and the color is very complimentary and eye-catching.  I give Royal Navy from Orly an A.

By Design
 Another ollllld pick so my nails are lookin crazy but this color is By Design by Color Club and it is two coats of creamy eggplant/mauve goodness.  I definitely use this shade as one of my go-to colors for it's ability to go with everything.  A.

Desert Sun
 I really liked this creamy light khaki.  It is Desert Sun from China Glaze.  With two coats coverage and a great finish, it's another shade that you could wear with many looks.  A.

 This is Julep Hilary over Zoya Sunny.  It is a brown jelly with copper and gold microglitter.  I really feel that they could have diversified the glitter a bit more in size to make it a little more interesting.  It didn't quite hit the mark for me.  This bottle gets a B.

Oh, my love, Flushed you are perfection.  Cult Nails has such a great formula and the polish has fabulous longevity!  But this color in particular I had had my eye on for some time. :)  It is the perfect shade of violet with a pink/gold shimmer.  This is my A+ color of the week and it has a happy home with me now ;)

Hope you found some things you liked and that you have a fabulous weekend!

Over and out.

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