Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 2/7/2013

Hello friends and family :)  I just have pics of one little munchkin to show you today.  I guess the other two didn't do anything interesting ;) Missy girl had a couple of firsts this week that I got pics of.
1) First time with a cold :(  Poor gal had a cough and a cold this week and was very distraught for quite a few days but we seem to be coming out of the woods!  Of course we had to find many things to divert her, and once in a blue moon she let us put her down for a second at a time.

And we got an occasional smile out of usual miss sunny-pants

2)With her first birthday coming up in a few weeks I gave her a test run with frosting and cake cuz she has some textures that are just no go's, but as you will see...

Still thinkin about it

Ya, not a problem Mom!

"This is for you Pennsylvania Grandma!! Happy Birthday! Here, here!"

3) First number 3 is a mylar balloon.  We've been playin with this sucker all week long.

That's all folks!

Just for fun I'm going to show you some polish love today too.  This little beauty made it's way to my heart and hands yesterday and I am in love with it.

This is Fetish from Cult Nails.  <3 <3  I love matte polishes anyway but this one is extra smooth and gorgeous.  I saw this polish on another blog and it called to me.  If this gives you the same experience- you can find it here  These polishes are so well made and they glide on like butter :)  If I'm a good girl I might get to shop there again.

Hope all your weeks were fabulous!

Over and Out

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