Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Random Swatching: 2/16/2013

Hey Gals!  Happy to be with you again this fine Saturday.  Hope all your weeks were lovely.  I had a relaxing Valentine date yesterday- it's important to recharge your batteries ladies- especially all you new moms, veteran moms, or future moms!- =p  Anywho- we're going to look at 10 shades today that I picked randomly from my swatched folder and we'll see what you think.

Ruby Stilletos
 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Ruby Stilletos is your basic cherry red shimmer.  I would have to say that I've been more impressed by other brands that have shades along the same lines, ruby red stilletos, red stilletos, you know you've seen em around.  I mean this one's a little too cheery for me for a red stilleto- I think more sexy don't you?  I'm going to give it a B because there was nothing really wrong with the formula but it just didn't wow me.  And excuse the old pic- I guess this one just didn't want to leave it's happy home in the to-post folder. :)

Shocking Pink
 Hello hot pink matte love!  This is definitely going to be for my next pedi.  China Glaze Shocking Pink could have maybe been a little brighter but I guess if it's not it's all the more versatile.  I'm not crazy into neon colors, so one or two in my collection is fine with me.  She gets an A.

Deutsch You Want Me Baby?
 Wowza, I saw this swatched somewhere a while ago and knew if I got just one polish from the OPI Germany collection Deutsch You Want Me Baby? would have to be the one.  They had a couple home runs in that collection but this one is my fav!  For me it is the most attractive way to wear orange- this burnt, smoldering variety.  Just gorgeous.  This polish was just edged out for the top spot this week.  It's definitely an A.

A Lit-teal Bit of Love
 Hello- this one was a surprise for me.  None of the swatches I found on it quite showed it as it appeared on my nail.  This polish has a lot of dimension with all the teal and the silver foil.  I had to see it on to really appreciate it I think.  I picked it up at a CVS clearance so I'm not sure if it's around much anymore, but I think you'll find a happy home for it if you find it somewhere.  Nicole by OPI in A Lit-teal Bit of Love. A.

 This sassy little miss just wants to be individual today and not appear horizontal so I'm just going to let her do her thing.  This is Morgan from Julep and she found her way to my home from a Valentine Mystery Box from Julep and she is rich and full of shine, no?  While I love love purple as a color in general- it's really not my fav to wear on my nails, but I will love Morgan anyway.  A for effort.

Easy Going
 Boy, this color could be called Easy Going, or Easy to Love!  This barely-pink white is so simple and perfect! from Sinful Colors has a flawless formula and for a couple bucks when not on sale- it is a steal.  You will love love this color! A.

 Five Gold Rings
 Eek! This choice wasn't random- I saw it in the folder and thought about how I'd been using it a lot for nail art and I wanted to show you it's swatch.  On it's own, it's really not my favorite gold.  There are definitely better ones out there- I like em with a little more huzzah! but for nail art it gave just enough brass to my gold that I have enjoyed using it.  I'm going to give Confetti Five Gold Rings a B.

Beau Khaki
 This shade is another Love!  Khaki green? Yes Please =D  This might be the only creamy green khaki in my collection and I'm glad it lives with me.  If I remember right it was a little staining :( so use lots of base.  Overall, Sinful Colors Beau Khaki gets an A-.

Another love love- this is Milani Jewel FX in Lavender which is just a glass-purple hex glitter with lots of micro, and I'm only showing you one layer here, but I just adore it.  Generally I have yet to find a Milani polish that I hated, and this one's in the same boat. A.

Sea Gurl
This is Sea Gurl from Orly, and she is headlining my random swatches this week.  She is my A+ color and you can probably see why.  Just look at all the dimension in this polish, and it is even better on the nail.  It's like they took the wet sand off a beach and bottled it up.  I love this polish- this is two easy coats with a great finish.  This doesn't have top coat because I liked the way it looked without.

Hope you enjoyed another edition of random swatching and that you take some risks with your nail polish this week and try something new!

Here's where I have found these polishes:
Sally Xtreme Wear: CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Target, Walmart, Kmart...almost anywhere
China Glaze: Sally Beauty Supply,
OPI: Ulta, occasionally CVS
Nicole by OPI: CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, Target, Walmart, Kmart...almost anywhere
Sinful Colors: Walgreens, RiteAid, Target, Walmart
Confetti: CVS
Milani: CVS
Orly: Sally Beauty Supply, CVS

Over and Out

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