Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Mani: Two-Faced

Hey peeps, here's a look for you to try.  Today's mani is going to be pretty simple for you to try at home.  Even though it's difficulty level is low- it was blingtastic and very eye-catching.  I know you'll love this two-faced look.  

What you need is two contrasting colors a striper brush and a chunky glitter polish.  End result will look like this:

So I took my base coat- Confetti Five Gold Rings- and painted two coats and let it dry.  Then you want to take your contrasting color and with a striper brush paint a line right down the middle of your nail.  The color here was Jordana Boy Oh Boy.  Then using my chunky glitter in a color similar to my striping color, I covered half the nail.  The color I used was Jordana Celestial.
Hope you try this yourself! Have a great week ya'll!

Over and Out

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