Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 1/30/2013

Hello everybody!  Got some more cuties for ya, family far and wide.  Speaking of cuties, at this moment, little missy is sittin here with the most awesome frizz fro from her good night sleep.  So here's what my little monsters were caught doin this week.

 I ACTUALLY caught up some of little gal's hair in some bobbies the other day and I know it may not seem like much, but it was crazy good mommy fun for me!

 Chiquita figured out she could hold and maneuver her own fruit sauce this week.  She loves being miss independent and this is just one more example of her growing up :(

Such a goofball!

Playin rocket ship with awesome big brother!

Hmm I wonder who these two nuts belong to?? They didn't learn that craziness from me...

I caught Bug in the middle of laughing at something he thought was so funny and it was the perfect moment to snap a pic of his true countenance- it's always so hard for me to catch him off guard- but this time I did it!

Then he started goofin off- it's inevitable... do you know a kid who doesn't start makin funny faces at you when you pull the camera out?? I need to rent one of those kids sometime ;)

Happy Valentines Day a little early Grandma! We couldn't resist wearing some beautiful red today- since I look so fetching in this color :) Thanks for the purty outfit.

Yes it's actually still nice enough outside to go play on the deck! So lucky.


Ah, is this what it feels like inside the house?

The End ;)

That's all for this week folks.  Give your babies lots of kisses!  See you with more shenanigans in a week!- Bear, Bug, and Bee.

Over and Out

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