Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Random Swatching 1/27/2013

Why hello, welcome to another round of swatching madness.  As always I have ten colors for you and a grade for each.

 This is Sharon from Julep, which is a dark, bold red with some shimmer.  Julep will ship you 2-3 colors a month kind when you join up as a member, but after the initial box with it's added bonuses- Julep doesn't end up being that cost effective for all you polish lovers.  I usually just decline my box each month, but during December they had a great sale and instead of you spending 10 bucks on a bottle of their polish- I was able to pick up a few for about 4 bucks a bottle, so I gave them another try.  This little beauty was included and it is just a very classic romantic red.  With fine application and finishing, I give it an A.

Flip Flop Fantasy
 I really love this color, Flip Flop Fantasy from China Glaze.  As you can see it is a neon coral pink matte and it is right up my alley.  I know this is from a few collections past, and not in season as it is winter...but I don't really give a hoot.  A

 Sunny from Zoya is a bright rusty orange frost- and if you want an orange that doesn't scream "I'm wearing orange polish" this would be a safe bet for you.  Super fabulous formula from Zoya as always- have yet to be disappointed- A

Mellow Yellow
 Plain old creamy yellow goodness.  I think this is three coats for opacity.  Falling just short of his buddies before him- Mellow Yellow by Sally Xtreme Wear earns an A- because it didn't really astound me.

Free Spirit
 I rather enjoyed this cool, dusty apple green- Free Spirit by Pure Ice.  This is two coats and I thought it was refreshing and lovely.  A.

Blue Lagoon
 This was another bottle I picked up for 75% off at CVS and Blue Lagoon by Revlon  is dainty, sweet, and well worth the buck and a half.  Who doesn't love pale blue with microglitter/shimmer? Just delectable.  A.

Grape Juice
 Hmm I am so close to changing my mind and making this my A+ color, it looks almost more striking than I remember!  Grape Juice by China Glaze was just begging to be taken home and it was a real gem of a find.  I think it's in their base set so you should have a hard time finding it at your local beauty supply.  Two coats of deep purple with megawatt shimmer= love.  A.

Nouveau Vintage
 Wowza- look at the dimension of this polish.  It's like a liquid sand polish, but without the texture. Shoving all those coppers and golds into one bottle- brilliance Color Club! This is Nouveau Vintage.  A.

I'm Gonna Party All Night Long
 With this lovely color on my nails I really will party all night long.  A dense multi-sized bright red glitter with a few of its best friend gold hexes along for the ride- Confetti I'm Gonna Party All Night Long is so fun and definitely worth the itty-bitty drug store price tag. A.

I Only Eat Salads
So you may be wondering with today's line-up why this little color received the A+ spot and it's because it took me completely by surprise.  I expected this light Shrek green to be streaky and impossible to work with due to my experience with some other light greens, and it was just the opposite.  Two coats, thick and creamy- I Only Eat Salads by Spoiled was a home run in a bottle and so refreshing and fun to wear!

That concludes the reviews for today.  Hope you had fun and that you venture outside your comfort zone this week!

Over and Out


  1. I actually have the color Free Spirit in my minuscule collection of polishes. But I love that neon coral! And the grape juice. I'm having nail envy.

    1. How fun we're matchy match! China Glaze really makes some inventive colors- find a Sally Beauty Supply near you and wait till they have a little sale =) xoxo

  2. You have super cute fingers....of course the rest of you is amazingly cute as well....I love your blog updates and I love you

    1. Hello husband of 1 fine wife- I am wife of 1 fine husband interestingly enough! we should all get together and we'll be one unstoppable foursome! Thanks for the comps- can't wait to read your blog when you get it started!