Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Swatching 1/12/13

Howdy peeps, welcome to another installment of random Saturday night swatching where I pull 10 looks from the swatch vault and give em each a grade.  

Hit the Brakes
 This fire engine red jelly from Spoiled was I'm sad to say a bit of a stainer.  It's too bad cuz this color is stunning, so I have to mark Hit the Breaks down a bit for that. B

 This picture isn't great- it was taken before the blessed, husband-bequeathed lightbox- but just look at that bottle glory.  China Glaze Riveting is a juicy orange with golden shimmer that will leave you feeling hydrated and satisfied.  A

Excuse Me
 I guess Pure Ice calls this color Excuse Me because it demands attention, which I happily can report that's a positive thing for this frosty lemon yellow.  This pics makes it appear to almost lean to a lime, but I didn't notice that when it was on my nails.  As far as yellow goes, it didn't disappoint.  A

 This color, Emerald by Revlon, was on a 75% clearance- so for a buck I think I got quite a deal.  I love this murky green/blue.  The colors were starting to separate in the bottle, which you can see here, but it turned out fine.  This is creamy green goodness.  Love.  A

No Room for the Blues
 Another A polish, OPI No Room for the Blues is a dusty, creamy blue after my own heart.  Two coats and you're good to go.  You won't be sorry if you add this little beauty to your collection.  A

Can't Let Go
 Here is the liquid sand shade I picked up from OPI, Can't Let Go.  The color combo on this little baby is just perfect- with dense purple texture and magenta hex glitters, but I'm sad to say I wasn't too much of a fan of it on the nail.  How can that be with a purple polish, but tis' true.  It felt too gloopy for me.  Maybe I need to practice with the application.  My topcoats couldn't even tame it.  I don't know, I don't think I'll be picking up another liquid sand polish for a minute.  Oh, and it was fun to take off too.  B-

 I Got So Plastered
Sadly I Got So Plastered from Spoiled pretty much lived up to the expectations I had for this frosty rose.  Honestly- I didn't expect much because rose-colored polishes put me to sleep.  They are what's been around since the dark ages and so I'm bored of 'em.  You can't say it isn't nice to look at, just rather be lookin at something else. *Pets the poor little bottle*  B-

Black Star
 Another 75% off polish- not too shabby eh?  I really liked Revlon's Black Star.  Tryin to take black to another level with a little silver frost in there.  Definitely a keeper and going to be used for some nail art.  Don't you love it when you make a treasure out of another man's garbage?  Just as long as your family doesn't nominate you for Hoarders....don't get any ideas honey.  A

Emerald Crush
 For my glitter offering I chose Pure Ice Emerald Crush.  This bright, lying in a clover field green is so refreshing.  I believe this is three coats to get this amount of density.  Definitely doesn't fit for every occasion...but I thought it was great fun with the dense green and gold glitters.  A

Fast Track
To finish up- my A+ color of the week is China Glaze Fast Track.  This color is at the top of the class for a few reasons.  Whenever a brand can make a nude interesting, I'm all about that.  You can wear this color to any occasion and bring the demure and glitzy all at the same time.  It's smooth, gorgeous and stayed true to the bottle!  For all these reasons- you have my A+ color.

Before I sign off tonight I wanted to leave you with a link to check out.  Heather wants to raise awareness and share her journey as a Mom who has battled mesothelioma.  If you don't know what that is, or if you want to support her fight to save lives by helping us all become aware of this type of cancer, click here and read what she has to say :)  I'm happy to have enlightened myself by reading about her experiences.  Thank you Heather for your bravery.

Hope you're all safe and sound.

Over and Out


  1. I've been ignoring revlon's polish for a few years.. Apparently I shouldn't be! That black sounds/looks pretty!

  2. It is so pretty- My opinion, Revlon over prices their polishes; so when they mark em way down, that's when they find themselves into my shopping cart.