Thursday, January 10, 2013

100th Post! and Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello my darlings! This post marks my 100th entry on glimpsesofthemoon and what a fun journey it has been so far.  About 6 months ago I wanted to start a blog where my friends and family could find weekly updates on our little clan as so many of you are branched out all over the country.  Then to fill the extra space on the blog I thought I'd blog about craft projects I work on as a SAHM who uses creativity to keep herself from going batty...well completely batty those of you who know me well would revise.  Among my crafty loves, and the things I love to spend my free time on are needlework, sewing, crochet, jewelry-making which you can find at (, painting, scrap-booking  NOT COOKING, music composition, and photography to name a few in the array.  However what I found the most pleasing was my new-found love for nail art and the way polish has blossomed in the past few years.  There are so many amazing ways to display your love for creative fashion and artistic expression on your nails these days.  Like a tattoo that you can remove and redesign in a matter of minutes- nail art is like my adult version of playing dress-up mixed with my need to create and design.  I love having something on my body I can look down at all day and have it uplift my spirits and inspire my creative passions- and have it not be permanent =p  SO FABULOUS!

Well anywho- there's my little synopsis about this blog and how it has evolved to where it is right now.  Hopefully if you're reading along you've been entertained and inspired and as always leave me comments about anything you'd like to see on my nails- any tutorials- and any questions. Love and Blessings to you all for what 2013 brings!

Onto the weekly wrap-up:

Starting with Miss Bee- this has been a big week for growth.  Having been walking around using the furniture for a month or two now- this week she decided to just let go one day and see if she could do it on her own.  What a joy to watch her sense of accomplishment and liberation!  In her travels, she usually has some item in her hands.  One day it was lucky mr. snake.

Then it was a balloon.

 By the way- there is nearly nothing better in the world than kissing on soft little baby face cheeks!

Bear is settling back into school, scouts, lacrosse, and other after school activities, but when he's home he's been Mr. Technical.  Bug actually received this toy as a gift from his primary teacher- but look how great for your little handyman/lady.  Screws and screwdrivers that are safe for little hands- and actually ended up being quite complex.  Thanks Patti!!

So happy to have the boys home from their holiday break! And here's the other goofball- wearin mommy's hat.  He's so happy to be back at school with all his friends and as always is the life of the party around here!

I dread the day they make me stop kissin their sweet faces too!!  Have a wonderful week!

Over and Out

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