Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/17/2013

Nothing much of note to report here this week, so here is a roll of some candid shots of our munchkins.  

 My ever happy Bee.

Bug figured out how to make more bubbles than water in his emptying a whole bottle of body wash into the bath.  Hence forth all soaps and shampoos have to be hidden because this made for very itchy skin all week.  He was giving me serious face here, but he thought this was a gas!

This was the face she made when she caught me sneaking up to take a picture of her trying so hard to spy on what brother was doing.

I don't seem to get many of mr. bear these days cuz he clams up like this soon as the camera comes into view.  Bah humbug! But such a handsome humbug :)


This little angel is such a light.  Everything is funny; everything is good times.  She'll be eleven months old next week!

Love and cheer to you all from these squishy little faces.

Over and out.

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