Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Random Swatching and Monday Mani: 01/07/2013

Hello Dear Ones, another edition of the weekend random polish swatching- better late than never- followed by a Monday Manicure for you.  I had/have stomach flu victims to nurse last night and couldn't get to it.  But shhhh they're sleeping so I'm posting while nobody needs me :)

 Sinful Colors Dazzle is a complex sweet magenta/raspberry shimmer with delicate gold fleck which shows up nicely in this bottle shot.  For a magenta polish(which usually remind me too much of my teens when I wear them- so they don't get worn) it was very lovely.  Giving it an A for adding the yummy gold to this polish.

So Much Fawn
 If you're looking for a gorgeous go-to neutral then look no further.  I could have left this polish on all week!  Whether you wear this color all week in the office or out on the weekend, it will feel right at place.  This is two-coat-perfection in Sally Hansen So Much Fawn.  A.

Let's Get Sushi
 Spoiled Let's Get Sushi is a creamy melon orange and is just as yummy as it sounds.  If I'm going to wear an orange that's not absolutely "in your face" then this is the one!  A.

Sunshine Sparkle
 You know how yellows are tricky in that it's hard to get the polish to cover evenly, they're rarely opaque and for some reason the formula is funky?  Well that fits Revlon Sunshine Sparkle to a T.    It was on a 75% off clearance and while that didn't equal disaster for all the polishes at that sale, I can say it made sense for this one.  Basically it is a pale creamy lemon shimmer that sounds heavenly, but not so much on the nail.  What you're seeing is over a white base, but I still couldn't get it to make the grade after 2 coats over white.  Maybe I should have tried 3 or 4 but isn't that a little high maintenance?  When this color's sweetness tempts you up, pass it up unless you wanna have to work for it.  D-Whoa I know- harsh today ;)

Catch Me
 I knew I was going to love this color looking at the bottle- and then look how true to the bottle it stayed! Perfection in an aqua cream.  This is two coats, but you almost just needed one for Kleancolor Catch Me.  The only thing about Kleancolor is it needs an eon to dry so you have to be patient to be able to sport this color, but slap on some quick dry top coat and give it a try!  A.

Hanging in the Balance
 This is Hanging in the Balance from China Glaze Cirque du Soleil Collection and this color just called to me....I mean look at that color; it's gorgeous right? And for a blue polish addict like me...however- after swatching it I wished I grabbed a different color to sample the collection and you will to.  Ok- this color is a terrible stainer.  It aint worth it guys and gals.  You can find a nearly neon blue cream elsewhere in China Glaze's vast family to fill that slot.  Big Old Pass.  C-

Good to Grape
 Mmmmm, another dusty purple cream-love love love.  Pretty basic, two coats of creamy goodness from Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure- Good to Grape.  A

I Don't Give a Rotterdam!
 Ok so this OPI Collection came out a little while back, but if you're lucky you can find it at local beauty supplies.  If you do find it, and you LOVE gray polish like me- don't pass on this one.  So- it is gray first of all- points there, then it has this delicious pink and silver micro glitter foil/almost holo in there- big points, and lastly is has perfect application of course.  Big A for OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam!

A Gold Winter's Night
 For my glitter offering today I have a Nicole by OPI polish recently released for the holidays called A Gold Winter's Night.  Seen over Kleancolor Catch Me, this is a multi-sized micro pink glitter base, with gold and teal bars.  I think glitter bars sometimes just make your nails look hairy...but I was willing to give this little bottle a chance....kinda wish I'd picked another from their holiday offering.  Ah, c'est la vie- it's whatevs basically.  B for effort ;)

My Button Fell Off
 Ok- this is my A+ polish of the week and it may surprise you since I don't feature a ton of pink polishes, and it's a 2 buck drugstore polish, and it looks so unassuming on the shelf I passed on it like 100 times, but I literally found my favorite pink ever.  Spoiled My Button Fell Off is a perfect ballet slipper pink cream and I love love it!  I probably even picked this up on a half price sale, so for a buck- quite a lovely treasure.  I had taken this picture before my hubby gave me my beloved lightbox, so the lighting doesn't flatter this shade, but take me word on it :)  This might be 3 coats.

On to my Monday Mani- this is also an older picture that's been waiting to be posted; it's a dotticure/gradient using Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty as a base with Wet n Wild Fast Dry and Sally Hard as Nails Unbreakable Heart for the dotting.
This was so fun and easy, using a dotting tool, and I think I need to try this again using some smaller dots this time.  This design ended up looking like floating balloons to me, so maybe i'll try it with a sky blue base and a some little black strings hanging down.

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great day- and paint your nails!!

Over and Out

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