Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekly Wrapup: 11/15/12

Hello and welcome to our weekly wrapup!  Since Bear and Bug are spending a couple weeks with their dad, this post is pretty much all about Queen Bee.  So Grandmas rejoice!

Well what do you know, we have a picture of missy bee being happy.  And the most agreeable baby award goes to.... :)  Even layin on the floor havin a bit o' juice, her twinkly eyes sing sweetly.

Lazy little Bee rewinding after a long day with a snack of cheerios and raisins.

Oh, you caught me!

Same station, different day, different snack, being goofy girl.

While the boys are gone, I need more to entertain myself with since those guys usually do all the entertaining by just bein crazy, so I had mom bring out lots of cool toys.

So much fun

Gotta give each toy some love.

One night's dinner featured mini meatloaf and baked zucchini parm.

Gettin messy with my usual.

Browsing around IKEA today, gettin some ideas for the new place to come.

Lunchtime went a little somethin like this:

Uh, mom, you said food right? That was like 2 minutes ago.

Oh, you're just teasin, you have it behind your back don't ya?

Hah, mom you're always playin games!! Crazy mommy.

Heh...heh...foods coming though right?

What? you told dad to go get the food?

Well that's good- looks like it's popsicles for lunch! Woot Woot!

Um, I don't know what's with this guy...maybe someone should go check on him.


Where is that foo?  When he gets back i'm gonna give him a piece of my mind.

Ah, you finally returned my father. What have you brought me?

No blessings on the food first, you need to get that grub into my belly.

Um, hello- guys, i'm right here.  You can feed me any time now.

Yes, that looks acceptable, you have done well.

And the belly is appeased, for 20 minutes.

Later in the week we toured a few houses on the market.

House window shopping is way too fun!

And that was our week!  Sure is great to get a little one-on-one time with the little lady and the hubby.  Hope your week was filled with joy in your blessings :)

Over and out.

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