Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Mani: Distraction

I have another distracted mani- meaning I threw a number of techniques into one look because I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do so I did them all.

The first thing I knew was that I wanted to use a gorgeous Zoya polish named Zuza which is a sea green lovely with a gold foil.  That is what I painted on my thumb, ring and pinky fingers.  On my index and middle fingers I used Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep.  Next I took Silver Sweep and stamped on my ring finger.  Finally, using Maybelline Sea-quins I painted all of my pinky finger over Zuza, and I made a gradient on my thumb.  I kept this one on for a few days; it ended up so dainty and fun.  

Thanks for reading =D

Over and Out


  1. Yes, I've been reading your blog, and I love it. And I'm sorry that I have been lazy and have not commented before. I'm not a mani kind of gal, but I love seeing your fabulous colors and I really love this mani in particular. You may convert me!! I'll let you know when I buy my first discount polish. :)

  2. =D So glad you're reading along Tracy! I hope you do convert!