Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap: Halloween 2012

Be prepared- I have a handful of monsters to show you today!  Here's what we were up to this week.  

Before we were even close to costumes, Miss Bee demonstrated the Terminator/Godzilla inside her.  I gave her a whole biscuit to see what she would do with it and a few seconds later....

That things was pounded; it was annihilated; it was pwned!  She was definitely showin that biscuit what was up in her town!  Look at her tear it limb from limb!

"This is allowed right?"

"The evidence of my destruction and complete domination"

A few days later we met this guy- with eyes so fierce they can pierce your soul and captivate you frozen until....

Wham!  Smackdown! and you never suspected a thing!

So Halloween FINALLY rolled around and we busted out the costumes.  We have a ferocious box of golden fries, a fierce zombie surgeon in the back there, and a terminator/godzilla bee.  No, not a drive bee papas.

Love =D

Double Love =D

This face is priceless and I finally got it on the 15th shot.  This is Bug havin a blast runnin across the lawn.  You always gotta be candid with him.

This is the Bug we know and love.  Sometimes some other dude comes out to burninate the peasants, but this is the angel in his true form <3

Zombie Surgeon Bear here.  Every house we stopped he was told he was soooo scary and I quite agree!

AAck!!  Glad we get to put this mask away- whew!

Upon returning to our residence, Mr. Bear organized all the trappings from our adventure out on Hallow's Eve.  The piece of paper tells how many of each item you can expect to find.  Little scientist in the making me thinks! ;)

Not so monstrous :)  My sweet hubby brought me flowers today just because he is so rad.  <3 <3  Thanks Love, you cheered me up by miles this morning!

Hope you're all well and happy out there friends and family!  And Happy Halloween from all of us!

Over and Out

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