Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Weave it Awone!

Ok so it's not officially tuesday anymore...but I had good excuses =p most of which are just due to being a mommy.  Anyway-once I finally had some quiet time to myself to try this look out it ended up bein a little tricky, so i had to factor a little trial and error in there.  

Well here's the weaved nail art I will be walking you through tonight:

I found this cute design on a nail art tumblr on a handheld device, but when I went to look it up on my pc- no luck, but her website is - gotta give the girl some cred.

Ok, first thing I learned was to go with a darker base color for this one- so go ahead and get your fastest drying black- this is Milani Black Swift. One coat is always fine with this polish.

Step 1:  After your base coat apply one-two coats of your base color.

Step 2:  Once that is dry take your contrasting color (i suggest another one-coater) I used Spoiled Cotton Mouth which is not a one-coater so also added to the time factor of this mani.  Paint three vertical stripes onto each nail.  Don't worry about the mess- you will clean that up after step 3.

Step 3:  Add four horizontal lines to each nail(my little pinky couldn't cut it).  I learned through trial and error not to try to use the polish's brush for this step- use a smaller detailing brush.  Take your clean-up brush and touch up around your nails.

Step 4:  Using your base color and your detailing brush add some lines in this pattern-using the little black boxes from above for guidance. 

Step 5: Once you get the hang of the pattern you continue to work it out to the edges of the nail.  I also made every other nail the opposite weave of it's neighbor.  If this pattern is a little confusing to visualize on your nail at first- try drawing it on a piece of paper.  When you're all finished little artista- apply your top coat and et voila!

Hope you give this a try and let me know how it works out for you!

P.S. Have fun peeps!! That's what it's all about =D

Over and Out

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